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Post My final Interview at Quetta centre

On 13th of april i had final interview at quetta centre. I was last to be interviewd. the environment was friendly and the interview was highly interesting. here are the details of my interview

Me. Assalamualakum
Interview panel. walaikumussalam, have your seat plz,

i thanked them all

Rana Sahib. Your name is noorulhaq,

i said yes,

then they started questions.

Q. what is constitutional law

Ans. the fundamental law that governs the state,

Q. Pakistan was run by what before 73 constitution.

Ans. By LFO introduced by Yehya,

Q. before that
Ans. 62 constitution
Q. and before that
Ans. 56 constitution.
Q. before that.
Ans. Indian act of 1935
Q. any act before 56 constitution
Ans. 55 act according to which west pakistan was made into one unit, and Objective resolution
Q. Is Objective resolution part of 73 constitution

Ans. yes it is in the preamble of the constitution'

here i made it ambigous, they asked if it was permanent part or not, i was in a fix

Q. What about british constitution

Ans. its unwritten and evolutionary

Q. can you name some salient features of eighteenth amendment

Ans. yes, powers of president curtailed, PM and parliament made poewrful, N.W.F.P renamed and concurrent list abolished

Q. you have opted political science as your optional, what are characteristics of sovereignty

Ans. its absolute, indivisible, permanent, nontransferable

Q. you have masters degree in I.R and pashto, so who is your favourite writer of pashto, mention one verse and then translat it into english

Ans, i did the same

Q. Abdussatar edhi is your favourite personality, why do you like him

Ans. he is a great philonthropist and has the largest ambulance service in the world

Q. Aung Sun Su Ki is also your favourite personality, what about her, and why do you like her

Ans, she is from myanmar, i like her for her determination and struggle for democracy, as she has spent 13 years under house arrest

Q. you are a caligrapher, do you know about Nastaleeq

Ans. yes its combination of Naskh and Taleeq

Q. what about kufi

Ans. it originated from Kufa and is written straight in the lines and has similarity to Naskh
Q. you have mentioned incomplacency as your demerit, what do you mean by it
Ans. i m never satisified from my performance
they said that then i m perfectionist and i said yes
Q. who is responsble for the underdevelopment of baluchistan
A. to the some extent its demography, like population is scattered and to the some extent successive govts are responsible
Q. how can we determine that its underdeveloped
A. from its infrastructure have said that suitibility be given more weight, what do you mean by it
A. Sir i mean that candidates be given groups for which they are fit with disregard to their marks in written and viva
Q. you have indian history in your optionals, what about the reforms of Sher shah suri
Ans. military reforms like branding of horses and descriptive rolls of soldier, new coins, construction of roads like GT road
Q.what about EU and Asean,
Ans i briefly answered with facts and figures
q. What about your zhob city, any prominent feature
Ans. i said zhob river is there and political agent hill.
Q. what about source of income of the people in zhob
Ans. going abroad and govts services
Q. what about its erstwhile name
Ans Fort sandemin
then they asked about him i said that though i dont know much about him yet i know that he was political agent of zhob/
Then they said yes thanks man you can now go,
me. thanks alot, it was great pleasure for me to meet you
in this way i did away with my viva.

It took about 20 to 25 minutes. i dont know why so easy questions were asked, in the end i felt that it was highly impressive, however lets see what happens

Hope that it will be greatly helpful for those who are yet have their interviews.

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