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Default My Interview 19th Feb 2010

My Interview at Karachi center on 19th Feb 2010

When I entered:

Chairman: Dr. Muhammad Bakhsh, please take your seat..

Me: Thank you Sir..

Chairman: Dr. Muhammad Bakhsh, you did your MBBS from Lahore and then you did your BA from SALU Khairpur (Sir was reading this from his pad, I interrupted)

Me: With pardon Sir, but I am in Lahore since 2001, when I was admitted
in Government College Lahore. I did my F.Sc. Pre Medical from GC. Then I went for my entry test at Larkana and qualified for the Reciprocal seat at Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore in 2003. I was graduated MBBS in 2009. During my MBBS I did my BA from SALU to appear in the CSS exam because at that time I was not a professional graduate.

Chairman: You secured some medals and distinctions in your curricular record..

Me: Yes Sir, I have 3 Gold Medals, 4 Silver Medals & 15 Academic board distinctions. I received by medals 2 weeks back on 6th Feb 2010 from Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed yousaf Raza Gillani and Honorable Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif.

Chairman: You are awarded with the Best Doctor of Jinnah Hospital Lahore for the month of June 2009, you are medallist there, then why are you leaving this profession?

Me: Sir, in the start I have great craze to be in the administrative affairs. Hence during my professional education and training I have been involved in various administrative activities. It is evident from the fact, I was Assistant Organizing Secretary for the 10th Convocation of AIMC two weeks back. As far as my professional graduation is concerned, I chose to be professional gradate in comparison to a simple graduate to secure my career. It is because that css is a competitive examination, there is always a factor of uncertainty there, and hence it is safer to be a professional graduate.

Chairman: If you are so interested in administrative activities then you can be a good Medical Superintendent of any hospital why css?

Me: (smiled) Sir, Civil Services is a prestigious job and there is more circle of influence not only in terms of power but you are instrumental in policy making, crisis management and you are going to represent your country as an ambassador.

Chairman: (smiled) ok. In your psychological you have written that your independent decision is your career that is CSP. You know that CSP has gone in 1973.

Me: Sir, I have written it in the context of Civil Service of Pakistan which includes all the 12 groups not DMG only.

Chairman; Dr. Sb you have opted for forestry in your optional subjects, what is the role of forests in control of environmental pollution?

Me: Forests have pivotal role in the control of environmental pollution. First of all in the reference of Removal of Co2 and Supply of o2 to the ecosystem. As co2 is the main culprit green house gas for global warming hence forest reduces the incidence of global warming as a whole. Another role played by forests in through water filtration. Forests increases cohesion among the soil particles and increases the efficacy of soil to filter the water.

Chairman: You have also opted Journalism, what is the role of journalism in public opinion formation?

Me: Press is the fourth estate of any democratic country. It informs, guides, persuades and educates masses at large scale. Hence it has a great impact on the way of thinking of masses. I would like quoting one example from the recent history that is Lawyers Movement. Media has played a major role in public opinion formation regarding independent judiciary and its importance. Hence, media is the great tool for public opinion formation.

Chairman: You have also opted for Sindhi, can you enumerate some names of international personalities who have commented on Shah Abdul Latif Poetry?

Me: Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai is the introduction to the Sindhi literature. Various international authors have commented on his poetry. Like……(skipped from mind)… Bhagwandas named some commentators. (I thanked him for help). Then I narrate one great poem of Shah Abdul Latif.
Chairman: Can you please translate this great poem for my colleagues as well?

Me: sure Sir, In this poem Shah sb prays to Allah that please heal the wounds of sufferers because you are the one who heals everything. I am full of wounds but you are only healer here.

Chairman: (smiled) thanks. Dr. Sb you have opted for international relations, what is EU and ASEAN?

Me: Sir EU is the European union while Asean…….. (skkiped)… is association of south East Asian countries like Indonesia, Philippines, etcetc. It is trade organization which a lot of potential in economic terms (etc etc).
(I was thinking they have not touched my strong area i.e. Zoology) :-(


Asif Shah: (with smile) Dr. Sb EU is European union and ASEAN id Association of South East Asian Nations.

Me: (with smile) Yes Sir.

Asif Shah: Dr. Sb you have written three ways to control inflation they are a little bit complex. Can you elaborate them?

Me: Of course Sir, My first point of explanation is the stable Rupee policy: our rupee has depreciated about 3.5% in last 6 months that is between July 2009 to January 2010. Hence we have to inhibit this trend.

Asif Shah: How?

Me: by decreasing the borrowing from state bank of Pakistan. Balance of trade and balance of payments etec.

Asif Shah: ok.

Me: My second point of explanation is the Value added exports by the interaction of Agriculture, energy, industrial and textile sectors.( I explained in detail each and every point)
My third point of explanation is acceleration of micro and macroeconomic activities in Pakistan (I also explained in details)
Along with that we have to decrease the reliance on indirect taxes because they have pathologic influence on the inflation. Hence we need a proportionate ratio of both direct and indirect taxes as a whole.

Asif Shah (satisfied) ok Dr. Sb What do you mean by Open Ended Talks with India?

Me: On feb 4, new Delhi proposed the resumption of talks especially on terrorism. On feb 5 our High Commissioner Shahid Malik meet with Indian foreign Secretary Nirupuma rao and accepted the proposal. But our stance was that these talks should be open ended because we want resumption of composite dialogue which was suspended in the aftermath of mumbai attacks. The composite dialogue should cover the Kashmir problem, water problem, terrorism, siachen, sir creek and regional instability.

Asif Shah: What are the causes of current water crisis in Pakistan?

Me: There are 2 main causes. One is environmental that is due to the global warming and another is due to violation of Indus Water Treaty by India. According to the treaty there should be 55000 cusecs at head marala near Sialkot but currently it is 6000 which is even lower than the normal flow in off season 10000 cusecs.

Asif Shah: What is Constitutional Reform Committee?

Me:It is a committee which is made for constitutional amendment package in the form of 18th amendment. It is 27 member committee headed by senator mian raza rabbani with various agendas in front of them like 17th amendment, provincial autonomy, 2 times pm deadline, pakhtunkhuwa, NA age/Senate Age etc..

Asif Shah: ok. Thank you..


Sohail Safdar: What is Fiscal Dpr…..Act…..????? (Bouncer)

Me: Sorry Sir.

Sohail Safdar: (with smile) Dr. sb this is act to decrease borrowing from State bank of Pakistan ( I mentioned earlier to Asif Shah)

Me: (I smiled too) ok Sir.

Sohail Safdar:How can you improve the economic conditions of Pakistan?

Me: (Full Prepared) Explained in detail:

Sohail Safdar: How can you address the energy crisis in Pakistan?

Me: (Full Prepared with facts figures) cross questioning b hui pr I handled it very well.

Sohail Safdar: What do you think Kalabagh dam can solve our problem.

Me: I talked in favor of Kalabagh dam and discussion went very well. We talked about reservations and altitudes of dams and city. Etc etc.

Sohail Safdar: What is your complete name?

Me: Dr. Muhammad Bakhsh Alias Raja Dharejo.

Sohail Safdar: So people call you Dr.?

Me: Raja or MB Raja

Sohail Safdar: ok. You have written in your psychologicals that you are a TV worm. Then you might be a well known person to media?

Me: Hoping so Sir.. (Smile)

Sohail Safdar: Can u name any international investigational journalist with some documentaries?

Me: There is lady on CNN. I am unable to call her name.

Sohail Safdar: amapour?

Me: Yes Sir. There was documentary on Sudan previous week.

Sohail Safdar: What is going on in Sudan:

Me: I told them about elections and referendum which are expected in Sudan. Some thing about oil politics etc etc.


Saud Gohar: Bureaucracy is the backbone of the country. Do you agree with that?

Me: Yes it is the backbone because in any setup or home administration, management and services are the supporting and main factors. Pakistan is our home and In our country it is the bueracracy that is providing this. Hence I am fully agree with that it is the backbone.

Saud Gohar: Are you satisfied with the functioning of bureaucracy in Pakistan?

Me: Yes of course, I am fully satisfied with it because they are the people who comes on the merit with due qualities for the respective job. But there are always some blacksheeps in every community. In bueracracy they are due to the lust of power and corruption which is quite prevalent but they should be addressed accordingly.

Saud Gohar: What is the procedure for appointment of judges as per Constitutional reforms committee?

Me: (It was fresh suggestion at that time. I had no idea about that. ) sorry I don’t about that.

Saud Gohar: US Relations with Afghanistan and Pakistan is your favourite book. Can you elaborate the US Relations with Pakistan?

Me: This book by Dr. Hafiz Malik is wonderful sketch of US policy to the AF-Pak. This book mainly focuses on the Al-Qaeda’s rising influence and power in the region. It has described the various ostensible motives of US to attack the region i.e. post 9/11 scenario, democracy and peace but he has also exposed the real motives of US in the region i.e. oil politics (great game),to contain china, international geopolitics etc. along with that he has given 9Ds policy to combat terrorism but due to advancement I have added another D i.e. DRONES INHIBITION. Hence now it is 10 Ds policy to combat terrorism. Dr. Hafiz Malik has also illustrated about the role of Indian-Us-Isreal lobby in the region.

Saud Gohar: Thanks. Reffered to Bhagwandas.

Chairman: Thank you Dr., sb

Me: Sir, it was very nice to talk with you people. Thank you

Chairman: You are most welcomed dr. sahib. Allah Hafiz

Me: Allah Hafiz and left the room.


Please give honest analysis about interview.. with comments.. I will be thankful to you..

Dr. Muhammad Bakhsh Alias Raja Dharejo

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