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Originally Posted by Raz View Post
These topics are not enough to handle this paper. Broaden your list and include: Ratio analysis, Partnership, Cash Budget, Income and Expenditure Account, Receipt and Payment Account.

Cost Accounting: COGM Statement, Standard Costing (Variance Analysis), Process Costing (Equivalent Product calculation), Job order costing.

Auditing: Specimen of various audit reports (Qualified, unqualified, disclaimer), difference among various audits (like final audit, interim audit, financial audit, internal audit, external audit, special audit, statutory audit, and annual audit etc.), and Auditing steps/procedure for inventory/stock, HR, fixed assets, investments, and cash. Role and responsibilities of an auditor specially in detecting frauds.

Taxation: Calculation of tax liability of salaried person, various definitions of first chapter of ITO, various income heads and their ingredients, income tax authorities hierarchy and complaint chain.

Business Organization: Difference and merits & demerits of sole proprietorship, partnership, and joint stock company. Their formation, incorporation and commencement procedures. Advantages and disadvantages of registered and un-registered firm. Importance of MOA and AOA, rules for changes in MOA and AOA. Business Combinations, and amalgamation. Cooperative societies etc.
Dear thanks for the valuable reply, just i forgot to add other topics which you mentioned, I am ACCA Professional so i did many of them and have a strong grip over these topics, but i want your opinion on book selection for TAXATION, kindly advise me which book will be helpful.
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