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In theory - and delusions - the concept of the unchallenged and all-powerful Islamic states seems to work.

But when you look at the demographics of any Muslim country, one understands that such a concept only divides the country on sectarian and religious lines - whereby religious discrimination takes place and too much power is given into the twisted and confusing interpretations of the rather orthodox Ulema who refuse to accept we are living in the 21st Century, rather than the mythical 7th Century utopia of Arabia.

The same Ulema which, mind you, cannot even agree on the proper definition of 'what is a Muslim' and cannot even stand together in ba'jamaat do you think such a glorified theocracy at the whims of the religious clergy can even succeed without resorting to foolish puritanical nonsense, religious discrimination, and fear of everything that did not exist during the time of the Khulafa Rashida.

That is why secularism is the solution, rather than the problem. If you want peace in ANY country, Muslim or non-Muslim, you need to treat all citizens equally and have the same rights and protections and freedoms and all equal under the law they all desire. No discrimination on faith, religion, ideology, colour, creed etc is the only way to have a happy country and happy citizens.

watch out for the rather tasteless and abusive prank call at the end.

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