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My interview
I was the first candidate on 18th of May 2010.
I entered the room. RBD asked me to sit.
RBD: Mr. Waseem Riaz you are engineer from UET Lahore. Right?
ME: Yes sir.
RBD: What is your father?
Me. Sir he is…….
RBD: Police officer…..
Me: Yes sir.
RBD: Ok MR. Waseem why you want to join civil service? why police group?
Me: explained.
RBD: We are impressed that you started at such an early age and you have passed the exam in your first attempt. Tell me how you prepared for CSS. You made notes, or you went for cramming the books. (With laughter)
ME: I explained how I prepared CSS. (Though he never let me complete my answer)
RBD: You have written that URDU should be compulsory in CSS; will it not create problems for Sindhis, blouchis and pakhtoons?
ME: No Sir. And explain how the standard of Urdu is deteriorating. And how it has become difficult for us to speak proper Urdu, without using English words. I also explained that as civil servants we will have to deal with people and for that matter we must have grip over Urdu. RBD seemed unimpressed.
RBD: There is a body in Pakistan to stop cartelization?
Me: Yes sire. It’s CCP
RBD: Whats its status now a day? Is it functional now a day?
Me: No sir, I explained in context of 18th amendment that president can’t repromulgate the ordinance. That’s why it’s non-functional. And senate is still scrutinizing it.
RBD: Where appeals can be made against CCP?
Me: In SC sir.
RBD: Three deserts and three mountain peaks of the world??
Me: Told.
RBD: Who was Bhaghat Singh?
Me: I explained that he was a freedom fighter in united India. He was against the British occupation.
RBD: what was his end??
Me: He was hanged.
RBD: where?
ME: In Punjab.
RBD: where in Punjab.
Me; In Lahore.
RBD: where in Lahore? (With smile)
Me: Don’t know sir.
RBD: At shadman chowk, he was publicly hanged
Me: got it sir.
RBD: President/chairman of first women bank?
Me: Sir Women can better tell that.
RBD smiled.
RBD: What is maulvi tameezuddin Case?
Me: Sorry sir (I didn’t have complete information of case that’s why excused)
RBD: Tell me importance of your district?
Me: told completely.
RBD: Untapped resources of Pakistan?
Me: Fully explained.
RBD: How MBQ spread Islam in Subcontinent?
Me: Explained every step from deibul to onwards Nirun, shewan, sisam, rewar, barhamanabad and finally Multan.
RBD: Thank you.

AS (Asif shah): Finance adviser said yesterday that next budget will not be pro-poor. What does it mean??
Me: I Explained that in new budget there will be more taxes, PSDP will be cut short and because of hike in defense expenditure we may have to stop some development projects.
AS: Any other?
Me: Sir…..I was thinking.
AS: Mr. Waseem! You are an intelligent person. You must know this.
Me: still thinking.
AS: Ok. Who is the biggest financer of Pakistan presently?
AS: Then?
Me: Sir in next budget many of the subsidies will be removed.
AS: Now you got the point.
AS: There is issue regarding volcanic eruption in Europe? How ash affects planes.
Me: One, it harms the jet engines, second it causes the visibility problem
AS: How were you papers??/
Me: fantastic, excellent (I was very confident, don’t know why. These words just slipped out of my tongue)
AS: You know your marks?
Me: No sir (this question was quite different, I never expected it)
AS: O ya, no one knows the marks. Even we don’t know the marks.

AS: What is issue of Hunza Lake?
Me: I explained fully.
AS: Thank you

Saud Gauhar(SG): What is Obama health care reform bill?
Me: Sir This bill turns the multi-player system to a single player health care system. In Canada there is single player system and the administrative cost is 17% while in US it is 30% because there are approx. 1300 insurance companies. So to save the administrative cost and to cover the 45million uninsured Americans among which 32 million are first generation migrants, this bill had been introduced.

SG: Why republicans are opposing it?
Me: mainly because of its cost. Initially it will cost 970 billion dollars but will save 200 billion dollars annually.
And moreover some republicans also have there own interests in health insurance companies.

SG: What are the challenges to police?
Me: it can’t deal with terrorism, lesser police to population ratio, no proper paraphernalia, and political manipulation etc
SG: How to modify police so that it deals with terrorism?
Me: explained fully.
SG: What is ethnocentrism?
Me: The belief that one’s own group, society or family is good, greater, superior and strong while those of the others’ are bad and inferior.
SG: What is Cultural lag?
Me: Cultural lag is the phenomenon where culture doesn’t readily accept the changes. It resists the social change. If you introduce some innovations in culture and it doesn’t adjust itself to the innovations, it means cultural lag is there.

SG: thank you.

I don’t know the duration of my interview. But the attitude of the panel was very co-operative.

Please comment……………………………….

Whatever mind can conceive,it can achieve - W.Clement Stone
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