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Default @Raz and others from SBOT officers: Plz guide about GD

Salam dear.. Dear SBOT officers on this forum in general and Raz in particular are requested to guide us about Group Discussion experience.Here I am putting few queried please reply these:

1. generally how much time is allocated in group discussion?
2. Is topic provided prior to group discussion or it is provided on spot?
3. could we use paper/pen during group discussion to note our points?
4. do evaluators consider the written test while evaluating during group discussion or they only consider the group discussion performance?
5. written result is merit wise or its just random so as one could not know about one's position in the written??
6. In the last but not the least what topics one should expect...??I mean there are topics of general interest,for example,Media,Terrorism,Energy and Water crisis OR topics of specific knowledge are also given..for example,monetary policy,Budget,VAT.. and the like??

Thanks for anticipation...
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