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wel,engr sb... i just said dat if pakistan's foreign exchange reserves are more than $13 billion,thn why the govt has failed to give relief to the poor common man...i guess thre is nothing emotional in this,rather it is a very valid point,u shd hav answered this instead of advising me to study eco and geo pol position of pak,in federal budget,govt gave subsidy on pulses etc available onle at utility dear bro do u kno dat only in islamabad thr are more utility stores thn the entire balochistan...u can chk it...isn't a joke wid poor masses,is this the way to promote inter provincial harmony and eliminate the sense of deprivation..?? Out of 6030 UC's only 200 UC's hav Utility stores outlets...plz be realistic,ur eco is dependent on IMF/WB,and ur foreign policy...dnt u think pakistan follow US dictation...things r its up to u...hope next time u wd focus on issues rather than criticism...

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