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Roll No./Revised Merit/Name/Domocile/Marks/Previous Merit

1007 116 Dildar Ali Sindh (rural) 892 Previous Merit:129

1034 122 Gul Qaiser Sindh (rural) 891 Previous Merit:135

1064 137 Irshad Ali Sindh (rural) 887 Previous Merit: 150

5850 138 Amjad Hussain Janvri Sindh (rural) 887 Previous Merit:151

1413 172 Asif Ali Abro Sindh (rural) 880 Previous Merit:185

8969 179 Manzoor Ahmed Sindh (rural) 879 Previous Merit:192

3181 185 Zahid Hussain Sindh (rural) 877 Previous Merit:198

2760 187 Mansoor Ali Siyal Sindh (rural) 877 Previous Merit:200

2537 193 Altaf Hussain Mahesar Sindh (rural) 876 Previous Merit:206

3110 206 Sumair Noor Sindh (rural) 873 Previous Merit:107

2581 207 Ayaz Ali Sindh (rural) 873 Previous Merit:108

2205 208 Shafique Rahman Sindh (rural) 873 Previous Merit:214

8983 210 Muhammad Bakhsh Alias Raja Sindh (rural) 873 Previous Merit:216

1884 211 Muhammad Mustafa Abro Sindh (rural) 873 Previous Merit:217

5892 216 Zahid Iqbal Soomro Sindh (rural) 872 Previous Merit:222

1731 230 Mansoor Ali Sindh (rural) 870 Previous Merit:236

1035 243 Gulzar Ali Sindh (rural) 866 Previous Merit: 249

2573 278 Asif Raza Soomro Sindh (rural) 860 Previous Merit:284

5844 293 Afshan Rubab Sindh (rural) 857 Previous Merit:299

1080 305 Kashif Ali Sindh (rural) 855 Previous Merit:311

1235 308 Wali Muhammad Baloch Sindh (rural) 855 Previous Merit:314

5410 331 Sheeraz Hussain Waggan Sindh (rural) 851 Previous Merit:337

1302 332 Adeel Sattar Sindh (rural) 851 Previous Merit:338

5229 339 Sajjad Ahmed Sindh (rural) 850 Previous Merit:345

1067 357 Islah Uddin Narejo Sindh (rural) 847 Previous Merit:363

998 361 Ashiq Hussain Khoso Sindh (rural) 847 Previous Merit:367

1673 379 Kamran Khan Sindh (rural) 843 Previous Merit:113
"Tumhary nafs ki qeemat Janat hay isy Janat say kam qeemat pey na bechna."
"Jiyo to istarh ky log tum sy milny ko tarsy; maro to istrah k log tumharee mot par royain"
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