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@silent volcano..thine attempt for sure is a courageous one but dear...the answer called for an entirely different perspective-it says that the social life ov moslims would only be affected if they groom up,shah wali uLLAH actually strived to alter the good old beliefs ov muslims...his was a PURITANIAN movement...he wished for an altogether new orientation in the mindsets ov muslims...he wanted them to stand up and begin a study a, thorough study ov thier religion...he perceived that religion is not the monoply or personal property ov anyone...he had a throbbing vision ...he wanted to influence the muslim lives by altering their intellectuality...!hope am clear...
ma,arfat mera raas al maal hai...muhabbat meri bunyaad hai...shauq meri sawari hai...ILM meri talwaar hai...sabr meri rida hai...MOHAMMAD mustafa.(s.a.w.w)
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