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dear camran..

its obvious i guess...before this ...the transit was taking place either via air transport or through Pakistani hands...for example:: lets take the dry fruits or carpet industry...a Pakistani middle man would buy them and then export them to India and other countries.. Now the Afghan guy on an Afghan truck will ride all the way from Kabul and take it to India. so that eliminates our middle man....please keep in mind India is a bigger market, with a bigger demand and therefore highly competitive prices...

now the affects of smuggling....the trucks returning back cannot take Indian goods on them...ofcourse they can't n won't go empty or without any payload. so what will they do: they will carry our flour, wheat, corn cattle etc because there is no mention of such things in the clauses....Pakistan will have to come up with some laws to stop them.. but we have been trying that for the Past so many years and we have utterly failed in it ...we have a greed for profit.. a Pakistani will not pay 10,000 for a bakra but an Afghan wil do so with all those American dollars there
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