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Journalism Paper - 2007
Solved MCQs

1) Calcutta General advertiser is popularly known as:

a) Bengal jopurnal
b) Hicky`s Gazette
c) Calcutta Courier
d) Voice of Bengal

2) The first printed Urdu paper in the Sub-continent was:

a) Delhi urdu Akhbar
b) Sadiq-ul-Akhbar
c) Jam-e-jahan Numa
d) Koh-I-Noor

3) The Pakistan Times was founded by:

a) quaid-e-Azam Mohd Ali Jannah
b) Liaqat Ali khan
c) Khawaja Nazim-uddin
d) Mian Iftakhruddin

4) The term Artillery of the press was coined by :

a) James reston
b) Qilbur Schramm
c) MM clean
d) Lazarsfeld

5) S M C R model of communication process was produced by:

a) David K berlo
b) M M clean
c) E M Roger
d) C H Gerber

6) The modern version of old hero is .

a) Famous personality
b) Celebrity
c) V I P
d) Powerful personality

7) libel is :

a) Malicious defamatory joke
b) Malicious defamatory written accusation
c) Slander
d) Defamatory speech

8) Intra Personal Communication is:

a) Communication between two persons
b) Inner monologues-communications within self
c) Communication with more people
d) Communication with masses

9) the originator of the phrase “press is the fourth estate” is:

a) Edmund Burke
b) Lord Macaulay
c) North Cliff
d) Rudyard Kipling

10) The Magic Bullet theory of mass communication was evolved by:

a) Ball Rokeach
b) Klapper
c) George Gerber
d) None of these

Q 9 (b) Identify the following in Pakistan’s Media perspective.

11) A P N S (All Pakistan Newspapers Association)
12) A P N E C (All Pakistan Newspapers Employees Confederation)
13) C P N E (Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors )
14) P B C (Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation)
15) A B C (Audit Bureau of Circulation)
16) P I D (Press Information Department)
17) P F U J (Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists)
18) A P P (Associated Press Of Pakistan)
19) P E M R A (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority)
20) R P P O (Registration of Press and Publications Ordinance)
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