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There are different types of postings which an information group (IG)officer is given..Initially most of the IG officers are posted in Press Information Department (PID) as Information Officer, while working as Information officer in PID there is no designated vehicle in BPS-17 but as the officer is promoted with the passage of time he starts getting vehicles and other perks & benefits. Some IG officers are posted in external publicity wing, some in internal publicity wing, some in Pakistan Broadcasting company (PBC), some in Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), some in Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on deputation and some in PTV on deputation. all the posts mentioned above have different perks and previlages. especially the pay in PTV and PEMRA is very high.

Some of the IG officers are posted from PID as Public Relations Officers (PROs) to federal ministries..there also no designated vehicle but as they remain too close to the federal ministers so in most of the cases they are able to get vehicle and house allotted out of the way. Remember! while being in Islamabad getting a house allotted is one of the most difficult tasks and there is no designated vehicle in Islamabad for ANY BPS-17 post of ANY group except DMG and PSP officers

In BPS-18 IG officers get chance to be posted as Press attaches', press counselors or press ministers in some major embassies and missions of Pakistan abroad. This is one of the most lucrative posts in IG. The best thing in IG is the amount of chance they get to work being closer to national and international media, which really help them to establish good contacts.

Remember! NO group is good or bad, its the officers in a particular group which make a group to be good or bad, anyone who has got potential; makes ANY group very good for him/her and no doubt IG is also a very good and specialized group and it has got future because of its closeness to MEDIA
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