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I strongly condemn this heinous act of barbarity, in no way it shows symptoms of street justice. I have noticed everyone here is blaming police but the reality is that might be police is tired of sending cases to local session court for punishments and session court is awarding bale. This element cannot be ignored at any cost, however this is the real justice institution in the end. The duty of police is to present criminals to court with evidence, then it is upto court to decide the guilty as criminal and award any punishment. But when influential people reach courts they use their approach and strive every of their nerve and finally acquitted with a bale notification to police station.

Just to share an incident earlier occured during the most reputable DIG Abid Ali late (who was murdered himself) while his stay at Mardan. There used to be criminals strongly backed by political party, that one criminal was arrested three times under different cases and sent to court, he was released on bale each time. Later it was the police officer who has to shot him dead in an encounter as a last option of justice. So either in this case we shold blame the police or courts or the political heads.

Please don't get emotional at such incidents.

It is quite apparant from this incidence that our social justice system has completely failed, neither police has any more confidence on courts, neither courts are performing their duties with dignity and the zeal which is required. Consequently justice will be on roads and such stories will be in air quite often.
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