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Unhappy Al aman ya illahi

Yaar kuch to kudda ka koof karoo. Ever since i have seen video of this brutal act, i feel my self helpless and guilty, it seems that I being member of this society has my self committed this sin. I am lawyer by profession. I have seen a lot of incidents in which criminals get away from their evil acts due to prosecutorial failure of police to prove their crime before the court of law. But I have also witnessed many incidents where innocent men are set free by the court. You see if police fails to prove the crime, this does not mean that whole Judicial system has failed. How many incidents of such nature you have come to know in UK? Our Police is real problem. Lack of understanding of criminology coupled with corruption and usage of scientific tools have made our whole Justice system look like failure. ZULFIQAAR CHEEMA is the real person, who should be executed. Its his mindset that promoted the culture of killing a person with out giving him a chance to speak in his defense. During the tenure of ZULFIQAAE CHEEMA, the No. of extra Judicial killing have soared very high. Can you claim that all those who were murdered by Police were criminals? Among hundreds of people murdered by Police, if a single person was innocent, I think this whole idea of killing an alleged person at the spot is a complete failure. And its not just ZULFIQAAE CHEEMA to blame, but the real person to blame is Chief Minister Punjab, who him self support killing of accused at the spot with out giving them a chance to prove their innocence. He him self was once charged for treason, what if his own policy of killing criminal at the spot had been practiced then? I say give capital punishment to S.H.O and his mens who were present at the spot of incident, and at least 10 years of imprisonment to ZULFIQAAR CHEEMA and D.P.O Waqar Ahmed Chouhan. And for all those people who think, Shahbaz Sherif policy of murdering accused person at the spot is okay, i pray that you may not fell victim of this policy one day.
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