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Salam to ALL,
Please if someone can expand this line,
"If winter comes,can a spring be far behind"
@nafees Khattak.

Mr.Usman khalid has succinctly explained the adage.I think the only addition i can make is that Shelley tries to strike a note of hope and optimism.If a winter comes then it is a matter of time that spring will also come.Which means that if adversities will come then pleasantries will also come.One should remain hopeful and never feel dejected.The cycle of death and birth will continue in similar way.Man faces difficulties in life.He has to confront many hardships to earn his livelihood and to make both ends meet.In the midst of vicissitudes of life howsoever intimidating and appalling,man should not capitulate to should remain hopeful of a promising tomorrow.It is well said that despair rules in dotage because there is not much hope left behind and few springs remain to be seen.Whereas in youth there is hope and optimism because there is forecast of more springs to come.
You can also mention some examples from the pitiable conditions of Pakistan and mention a glimmer of hope about them.

Pakistan Zindabad

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