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Default Questionnaire of MCB TBO Test held on Sep.26, 2010

Questionnaire of TBO Test held on Sep.26, 2010
Here are some of the questions:
English Section (Sentence Completion Portion)
1. I thought that I ---------- him already/earlier.
(a) met (b) had met (c) will be meeting (d) -------- (e) none of these
2. ----------- thinks that Majeed should be employed/should get that job.
(a) Neither of us (b) Practically everyone (c) they (d) -------- (e) none of these
3. If I would have prepared well, I --------- passed the examination.
(a) had b) can (c) will be meeting (d) -------- (e) none of these
4. If he will come to me, I --------- him.
(a) help (b) will help (c) can help (d) helped (e) none of these
Note for number 3& 4: I donít remember the exact sentences but I do remember that there were two conditional sentences with the same structure/pattern as mentioned above.
Vocabulary Section
Give the synonyms of the followings:
1. Fraudulent
(a) deceitful (b) -------- (c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
2. Inordinate
(a) -------- (b) -------- (c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
3. Status quo
(a) -------- (b) -------- (c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
4. Superfluous
(a) Abundant (b) -------- (c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
5. Ambiguous
(a) Improper (b) Decisive(c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
6. Erratic
(a) -------- (b) -------- (c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
7. Veracity
(a) Truthfulness (b) -------- (c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
8. Arrears
(a) -------- (b) -------- (c) -------- (d) over due debt (e) none of these
9. Lenient
(a) Liberal (b) -------- (c) -------- (d) Ambivalent (e) none of these
Analytical Reasoning Section
1. A -------- glance pays -------- attention to details.
(a) furtive, meticulous (b) cursory, little(c) cryptic, close(d) keen, scanty(e) fleeting, vigilant
2. You should ------ this paragraph in order to make your essay more------.
(a) delete, succinct (b) enlarge, redundant(c) remove, discursive(d) revise, abstruse(e) excise, legible
Note for number 1&2: I donít remember the exact analytical reasoning questions, but I do remember that most of them were on the above mentioned structure/pattern.
Mathematics Section
1. If the area of rectangle increased by 69%, the length of arm of the rectangle should increase:
(a) 13 % (b) 69 % (c) 20 % (d) -------- (e) none of these
2. If the length of arms of rectangle increased by 5% and 7% respectively, then the area of rectangle should increase by:
(a)14% (b) 6% (c) 20% (d) -------- (e) none of these
3. Jackís salary is 150% of Tomís salary; Tomís salary is 80% of Adamís salary.
If Adamís salary is S, then what is the ratio of Jackís salary to Adamís salary:
(a) 4:6(b) 5:6 (c) 6:8(d) -------- (e) none of these
4. If 12 workers complete a task in 4 days, in how much days 15 workers will complete that task:
(a) 6 (b) 5 (c) 8 (d) -------- (e) none of these
5. The cost price of a toy is $50, but its offer price is 108%. After one week it is sold on 10% discount. What will be the cost of toy?
(a) -------- (b) -------- (c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
6. The cost of first 500 prints is $10, while after it, cost for each is (10-x/50). What will be X, if the total cost is $75
(a) -------- (b) -------- (c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
7. 45% of people of a town have brown hair, while 20% of people have brown eyes. Meanwhile 10% have both brown hair and brown eyes. How much people have neither brown hair nor brown eyes?
(a) -------- (b) -------- (c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
8. In a town an appeal for fund raising is made. People of the town respond to that in this way: 45% people contributed $40, 30% contributed $20 while rest contributes $2. If the total amount of people who contribute $2 is $300, then what will be the total?
(a) -------- (b) -------- (c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
Current Affairs and General Knowledge Questions
1. Aik mohabbat 100 afsanay is written by:
(a) Bano Qudsia (b) Mumtaz Mufti (c) -------- (d) Ashfaq Ahmad (e) none of these
2. Which is the famous novel of Jane Austen?
(a) War and Peace (b) Emma(c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
3. Current law and justice and defense minister of Pakistan:
(a) Babar Awan and Ch. Ahmad Mukhtar (b) ) Babar Awan and Shah Mehmood Quraishi (c) ) Babar Awan and Qamar Uz Zaman Kaira(d) -------- (e) none of these
4. 8th UNO secretary general Ban Ki Moon belongs to which country?
(a) South Korea (b) North Korea (c) Japan (d) China (e) none of these
5. Who were the two captain of Pakistani cricket team in recently played T20and test match series against England:
(a) Shahid Afridi And Suleman Butt (b) Shahid Afridi And Mohammad Yousaf (c) Mohammad Yousaf and Younas Khan(d) -------- (e) none of these
6.What is targeted GDP FOR 2010-11:
(a) 4.5% (b)2.5 % (c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
7. Who is the winner of FIFA world cup 2010:
(a) Spain (b) Netherlands(c) Germany (d) France (e) none of these
8. Who is Anne W. Petersen?
(a)American Ambassador in Pakistan (b) -------- (c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
9. FIFA 2010 world cup was the _____ world cup:
(a) 18th (b) 19th (c) 20th (d) -------- (e) none of these
10. What is the currency of Iran?
(a) Dinar (b) Dirham (c) Rial (d) -------- (e) none of these
11. What is the capital of Sri Lanka
(a) Gall (b) Jafana (c) Colombo (d) -------- (e) none of these
12. According to UNO how many people are affected by recent floods in Pakistan i choose i dount know the exact ans
(a) 31 million (b) 51 million (c) 41 million (d) 21 million (e) none of these
13. Which 3 defense particulars were handed over to Pakistan on June 26, 2010?
(a) F-16 (b) Saab 2000 (c) JF -17 thunder (d) -------- (e) none of these
14. Who is United States defense secretary?
(a) Robert Gates (b) Hillary Clinton(c) Richard Hal broke (d) -------- (e) none of these
15. Who is NATO commander in chief in Afghanistan?
(a) David Petraeus (b) Stanley Mac Crystal(c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
16. What is amount of GDP in trillions?
(a) -------- (b) -------- (c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
17. World largest water park is situated in which country?
(a) China (b) Indonesia (c) India (d) USA(e) none of these
18. WASA is the abbreviation of:
(a) -------- (b) -------- (c) water and sanitation authority (d) -------- (e) none of these
19. What is the total outlay of budget 2010-11?
(a) -------- (b) 3259 million Rupees(c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
20. According to the section 248 of constitution, who has the immunity against any legal action?
(a)Prime Minister (b) President (c) Governor (d) -------- (e) none of these
21. What is the current discount rate of state bank of Pakistan?
(a) 10.5% (b) 12.5% (c) 11.5% (d) 13.5% (e) none of these
22. Who is the current governor of State bank of Pakistan?
(a) Shahid Hafiz Kardar (b) Saleem Raza (c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
23. Which of the following is the Pakistanís greatest source of energy?
(a) Thermal (b) Hydel (c) Nuclear (d) -------- (e) none of these
24. What is the current electricity short fall in Pakistan?
(a) 4478MW (b) 3478 MW (c) 6478 MW (d) -------- (e) none of these
25. Which of the following is not a cash crop of Pakistan?
(a) Maize (b) Rice (c) Barley (d) Sugar Cane (e) none of these
26. Prime Minister declared three years extension to army chief Kiyani, this happened for the -------- time in the history of Pakistan.
(a)1st (b)2nd (c) 3rd (d)4th (e) none of these
27. Forests in Pakistan are situated at 4 % of total area. According to the international standard about which percent of area should be covered by the forests?
(a) 20% (b) 25% (c) 30% (d) 35% (e) none of these
28. Which Surat of Quran is known as Jaíama Ul Qausas?
(a)Surat Al Imran (b) Surat Nisa (c) -------- (d) -------- (e) none of these
29. What is the height of worldís tallest building Dubai Burj?
(a) --------ft (b) --------ft (c) 810ft (d) --------ft (e) none of these

Some queries are pinning me:
Can any one tell me the number of vacancies through out Pakistan?
Were these vacancies allotted on a special basis to different centers/provinces? (I mean quota system for provinces)
The vacancies for Multan center were 8. Is it true?
Please authenticated answers only, no rumors at all.
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