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The situation on Indian opinionated chessboard in late 1920s was a mixture of grave ambivalent ideologies. Jinnah in the heart of his hearts was a nationalist who sincerely believed in Hindu-Muslim union in early 1930s and fighting for the rights of his Muslim nation. Ghandi though claimed to be an Indian was a true Hindu preserving his nation and less popular leaders were unable to decide their ideology in this scenario. There was a stalemate since everyone was pulling the wrong ends of entangled strings of Communal problems, which was further worsening the situation. Skies over world’s richest land where people used to harvest two crops in a year were turning red as Hindus were not conceding the legitimate existence of Muslims and Muslims led by Jinnah were not in any mode to concede their justifiable rights. Jinnah met lot of barriers to this unification that could otherwise had turned this region into a Superpower long before. Muslims and their leaders tried their best to cooperate within the scope of a minority but Hindu majority leaders proved less shrewd to understand the realities as they were bent upon to avenge millennium long slavery of their predecessors through achieving Swaraj that only meant Hindu Rule in India.
In response to Simon Commission Moti Lal made a terrible mistake and Congress bluntly left a scar on the body politics of India by accepting Nehru Report and yet only time will prove that they will have to lick its consequent blood for rest of their lives.

“Motilal Nehru misjudged Jinnah’s resilience, however, by underestimating his powers. It was a fatal error, not only for his report, but for his hopes of retaining India as a united entity.”[7]

In all parties convention on 28 Dec, 1928 at Calcutta Jinnah spoke last time for united India and this can be an eye-opener for them who believed that it were Muslims who manipulated a great conspiracy of partition of Great India:

“I am not speaking as a Musalman but as an Indian………We are all sons of land. We have to live together. We have to work together and whatever our differences may be, let us at any rate agree to differ, but let us part as friends. Believe me there is no progress of India until the Musalmans and Hindus are united, and let no logic, philosophy or squabble stand in the way of coming to compromise and nothing will make me more happy than to see a Hindu-Muslim union.”[8]

What else Hindus could ask for? After 22 years of struggle of Muslim league to work for a united India proved a failure, top brass realized that something was severely misjudged and yet they were not aware of their misjudgment. What else Muslims could think of? There must be something else, Jinnah’s efforts went futile and he was tired of grimy politics of Hindus. He was not sure what to do, he was a practical person and he abandoned his efforts to impart unity between two nations though he never abandoned the fight of justifiable rights of his nation. He was blamed as a partner of British and an Imported leader but he never gave up his principles. Kanji Dwarkadas reported that Ramsay Macdonald tried to win greater cooperation from Jinnah during Round Table Conference by casually remarking to him:

“ In view of the forthcoming changes in India the British Government would be looking for distinguished Indians for appointment as Provincial Governors. The obvious implication of this suggestion was that “Jinnah would have an excellent chance if he proved to be a good boy.” Jinnah at once made it clear to Ramsay MacDonald that his services were not available for sale and firmly rejected the offer, which he believed was nothing less than “ an attempt to bribe him.” [9]

One should wonder that how one could level an allegation of misleading to such a great human being who never gained any material benefit from his party. He was lavish in his dressing but who said it was a treachery to Islam, he traveled in first class since he could afford since he was one of those expensive lawyers who charged their clients every of their minute. Astonishingly Jinnah fought and won World’s most intricate and complicated case with out any fees. If one carefully analyzes the events in chronicle order it becomes obvious that Congress Rule was last nail in the coffin of United India and nevertheless it was a blessing in disguise for a great nation. It will be a sheer waste of words to count the miseries of Muslims inflicted by Congress in unilateral way to wipe out Muslims. And the Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity could not keep himself cool and he declared end of rule as a deliverance day for Muslims.

The Congress has now, you must be aware, killed every hope of Hindu-Muslim settlement in the right royal fashion of Fascism,” said Quid-I-Azam, speaking extempore on the night of December 26, 1938, to his enthusiastic audience, “ The Congress is nothing but a Hindu body. That is the truth and the Congress leaders know it. The presence of few Muslims, the few misled and misguided ones, and the few who are there with ulterior motives, does not, can not, make it a national body. I challenge anybody to deny that Congress is not mainly a Hindu body. I ask, does the Congress represent the Muslims?[10] **

Jinnah and his league has tried once for all the night mare of coalition Government with congress while learning a lot of lessons to reshape their cause and to reorient their direction.

7. Stanely Wolpert, Jinnah of Pakistan, p. 99
8. Saiyid, Jinnah, pp. 432-435
9. Kanji Dwarkadas, Inida’s Fight for Freedom, 1913-1937. p. 385
10. Pirzada, Foundations, Vol II, pp. 304-306

To be concluded..............
__________________________________________________ _____________

And I, Qamar Riaz, on the behalf of my father of the nation, forward the same challenge to those who still believes that Congress was the national representative party and Making of Pakistan was a fabricated story of British, any time at any place.


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