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Stunner is just really niceStunner is just really niceStunner is just really niceStunner is just really niceStunner is just really nice

When Hillary Clinton came to Pakistan last year, A student in an informal discussion asked her about that leniency towards India and being cold towards Pakistan ..
She replied: "In order to be treated like India, You need to BE like India" ..
Same was said in the U.S by an M.P in reply to a similar question ..

The problem is that we keep on complaining about this partial behavior of the world, but we don't meet them half way by doing anything good for our country .. In India the investors have a sense of security .. Who would invest in a country where there are bomb attacks almost daily and is surrounded by sectarian clashes .. ?
We need to rectify the problems we face today and look for a better tomorrow .. We need to remove that label of terrorism and commit ourselves whole heartedly to boost this economy of ours .. Believe me, the world is all about economy .. If you r powerful and provide the world with something in return, it will lean towards u .. This is the case with India .. Its recent economic boost has faded away all those memories of tyrannical occupation in Kashmir from the minds of the world .. All they see is a country full of business opportunities .. Thats where we think they are being lenient towards India, in fact that is the way it goes .. Millions of jobs have been created in India thorough out sourcing, which the U.S finds as a cheaper way of customer support in these times of global recession .. And believe me, Pakistani educated people are capable of speaking much better English than Indians ( accent wise ), but not much is being done to bring this new job creating mechanism in Pakistan ..
Now to stop terrorism .. If I were in command, I would have first sealed that Pak-Afghan border, even if that asked for a new Great Wall to be built along that border ..
I remember when in U.K the right of vote was given to the common man .. One of the Parliamentarians said: "If we have given them the right to chose us, Lets also educate them now" ..
The only way to combat fundamentalism and religious fanaticism is by educating our people .. Its not gona happen fortnightly but its gona happen for sure if adapted ..
Now the choice is ours .. Either we should keep complaining, Or we should change, and make ourselves eligible for the support & reputation which India is getting ..
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You Have To Keep Breaking Your Heart Until It Opens .. !! Rumi ..
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