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Originally Posted by anwaartheravian View Post
Yesterday i talked with ASP Usman Bajwa, 35th Common PSP Officer. He said that different provinces are giving different salaries to the Police Officers. Salaries in Balochistan, K.P.K and Punjab are higher, but in Sindh they are comparatively low. ASPs in Punjab are getting 40-45k salary, while those who are posted in Sindh are getting around 30-35k.
Brother can u tell in detail abt other facilities enjoyed by an ASP like vehicle,accomodation,health/education,security.I have heard a lot but not sure to what extand u can avail them .Like if u r posted in Lhr,in which area and how big ll u get accomodation.Moreover vehicle is only for official purposes or for priavte use also ?What ll be the maximum amonut of health allowance,Only u r insured or ur whole family(spouse,kids,parents) ? What abt education of children, is there any allowance or nominal school charges for them also(like in army) ? how many servants and bodyguards can u have ?
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