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dr.ali.zaidi will become famous soon enough

Thanx for info mate..
Just to add here, DMG officers are posted as DDO revenue of a small area of city. There are several DDOs working parallel to him. However, as far as CEO is concerned, our 17th grade officer commands the area of DMG's or PSPs 18th or 19th grade officer. and we dont have just the revenue but we have even more powers than DCO. Beside, we dont have to make politicians happy to get a posting and army is always there to make us a combo of civil and military bureaucracy.

The only thing in which DMG officers are better than us is promotion and being federal secretary but we dont mind that because when you are in your late 50s, you need to rest and enjoy the terminal service and I wouldn't like to work like a donkey at that stage even they give me designation of Federal secretary. SO we are happy
No night patrol of police but contact with agencies. No need to be a politicians' sycophant but enjoying power more than DMG. I personally hate corruption but for those who want to go to hell, more money than you can mint in any dept. (yes more than customs.. and who get posting at ports in customs by the way :P ) Full afsari life style.. not like IRS people sitting in a cabin wearing a tie and going crazy due to work load.
All the facilities of army like clubs, messes, and even plots.
Now basically MLC has the facilities of ICS officers (present DMG is no match for that) in a setting of army. Like Civil services k mazay aur army k sashkay
And for you brother Mossavir.. remember that i told you that i had fallen in love... well the ONE is none but MLC..
In fact, i dont feel like working for next attempt cuz i dont find any group better than this

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