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Originally Posted by Khyber

Respected Brother "Fighter", i appreciate your concerns and respect your opinion but offering you my apologies for not necessairly Concurring with you on this exclusive issue. As regards issue of discrimination then in your paradigm (example and definition) it seems to me that this forum has already been divided amongst different classes or members of different level of intellect and intelligentsia. As study forum has not been made accessible to all members but those who are mature in terms of knowledge and creative perceptual capabilities.

It should not be assumed that there exists any discrimination and polarization among all members but it should be deemed as a mean of inspiration to emabark you on creating capabilities and enhance your level of intellect, so that you may also be included in the list of elite members. As regards your question regarding determining the mature and responsible members then I think all members who are entitled to get an access to study forum, should be authorized to make valuation of different posts.

This system is, of course, very advantageous and valuable but it may bring in its wake many pitfall, e.g., multiple id’s by one member (imposters) , favoritism and unjust valuation owing to member’s personal prejudice.

I support this system but more importantly its fair use. If good use of this system is ensured by all members, then it should be made accessible to all members, else it should be restricted to elite members.

Kind Regards,

my friend Khyber,
you are right that the forum has already been divided among the classes as there is no access given to the ordinary members to the study forum.
i did not criticize it because this forum has been founded and run by some individuals and thanks to them that it is free to all candidates of css or other ppl.
it would have been a lot better if the study forum was open to all without any discrimination.because if someone with quite low capabilities was not able to share and give something to the intellectuals there atleast they were able to contribute their intellectuality to the common lot.what loss would have occurred to the intellectuals if this study forum could give some benefit to the css aspirants?
in the second para,line first,you say that the intellectual class be not condemned for their exclusive status and study forum because they are there to inspire us .we see their special position and we work hard to become one of them leaving aside the useless common lot where we had been for long!!!and then you say the intellectuals of the study forum should value our comment and give us those most estimated badges!!!
i would like to say that education we have acquired be spread without discrimination.the difference b/w your and my approach is that you want to
say that the discrimination exists here already and it is useful and inspiring.and i would like to say that the discrimination should be stopped,compartmentalization is dangerous for our self and society.if we cant eradicate the evils of the past atleast we can work hard towards creating a new and bright future.
if anyone uses this valuation system for wrong purpose he is defeating his own self!!!
virtue is its own reward,vice its own punishment.

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