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its jana's article n available on brasstacks website as well..but dont rely excessively on IWT n u ll find pakistan itself has given too much rights to india..besides gated spillways are used in almost all modern dams n pakistan has lost the case for baglihar...amazingly enough we are still hiring the same lawyer for kishanganga case..rings any bell??
besides the ruling on baglihar is bound to influence any similar future decision..does that mean we cant stop them from building more dams with spillways??the worst part is pakistans FO has maintained a pathetic times they put all the blame of our water woes wholly on india (quite wrongly) n at others when they want a mere shake hand they dismiss all previous allegations (again quite wrongly)..
for the time being the issue isnt more than allowed capacity being utilized by india but the gated spillways n right now we cant prove to the world their hidden motivation (alleged or true, what so ever)
what we need is improve our PR n increase media attention via proper channels..n start the same rants as india did after mumbai attacks!!
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