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Default Founder of Communism

Originally Posted by abro View Post
Answer IS Karl Marx But Actuall Question is Wrong ...
Lenin was the founder of the first Communist state.
Karl Marx was the FATHER of Communism because of this writings.
Founder of the Communism is NOT FOUND yet.
iski waja shayad ye hy ke Communism k Usool Tareekh main kabhi Hatmi tor per murattab nahi ho sake / nahi rahe ..
ager jan boojh kar kisi ko founder banana i hy to phir Sibte Hassan k reference se Prometheus ko banana parega. per ye ek myth/drama hy.
or perhaps we say Mazdak, a founder of communism.
"In many ways Mazdak's teaching can be understood as a call for social revolution, and has been referred to as early "communism".[7] - Wiki"
(but this is subject for Ahl-e-Ilm to find out the Founder of Communism or label anyone)
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