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Originally Posted by atropa View Post
thankx 4 replying..
yeah we both r in the same boat except ur shore ll come a little earlier than mine....and u r riite that the inetrvew revolves around c.a but those having ,dont u think the panel gona ask them abt the practical implementation of in 2days world.... as in few cases like drone attacks thing and afiya sadiqa n stuff like that...
what do u think what violations of ilaw r going on in an intrenational community ??
i ll b v thankful to the seniors if they help us in 2days world violations n debates regarding

Well if they are going to ask about implementation of International Law in what's happening around these days, I just hope they don't. It's a difficult question to answer and as far as my humble understanding from the International Law syllabus books is concerned, I think reading a book or two on a such a vast subject cannot make you qualified enough to give an educated opinion on it's implementation. I am sure the interview panel would also be aware of this and they'll not push us into something they can't expect from us.

Still then, we certainly can be expected to say at least a few decent sentences on things happening around e.g. the arrest of Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder; we know that extradition treaties are going to play an important role in deciding what happens next to Julian. There is an extradition treaty between US and Sweden and in turn there is also a similar treaty between Sweden and UK if I am not mistaken; so US may try to get him extradited and try him for espionage in US courts as they have expressed the will.

Similar things can be asked and I think a brief answer without deep knowledge of the law should satisfy the interview panel.

If you can think of any other examples please post here and I'll try to discuss how International Law applies to them.

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