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well i have a different view on this issue:

Although one needs to be very very clear about his/her thoughts before writing something. However, in depth analysis would show that it's not the clarity of thought that matters only. There are many a people who are clear as to what they want to write, but when the pen down the stuff, they are unable to clarify their purpose or their point.

Writing down something on paper is different than some thinking process in our minds. Effective writing style means expressive writing style. It can never be achieved by practice alone.

One needs to study quality materials in order to develop that all important expression power. and i believe it is THE most important element of any writing..

However i do agree that Effective writing never means being verbose. Using fewer words to explain the whole Elephant is a skill that we should strive to develop ...

hats off for such a value thread. Aspirants will learn alot inshallah!
Umar Abbas Babar
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