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Well,the FPSC performance evaluation critique is really pathetic.

FPSC mentions about the performance of students in compulsory and optional subjects but does not mention its own skewed policy of discriminatory checking in optional subjects.
FPSC has not changed a tad bit.It still follows the rotten trend of awarding above average and below average to certain subjects every year.Sometimes geography gets favour and sometimes it is Islamic history.In 2010 it awarded 93 marks in Precis paper.

Inshallah i will go with facts and tell FPSC chairman that his institution is biased and there is something very fishy going on.Surely FPSC has got biased examiners.

Moreover,this institute does not know how to organise the paper.In 2010 precis paper,candidates were asked to attempt the question an antonyms and synonyms on the MCQ sheet in ten minutes.There was confusion running riot in the examination hall.Candidates didn't know whether part 8 of Question 5(a) if attempted on choice will be in slot number 8 or Part 8 of Question 5(b).

FPSC thy name is procrastination.
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