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Gulrukh is just really niceGulrukh is just really niceGulrukh is just really niceGulrukh is just really niceGulrukh is just really nice

Q.What makes planes leave vapour trails ?

Ans.The reason planes leave vapour trails is because they are burning hydrocarbons,chain of carbon atoms linked together with hydrogen round it.when this mixes with oxygen you make water and some carbon dioxide.
the vapour trail is the water and because the planes are very high up in the air actually what you are getting is ice.vapour trails are water vapour that often form ice crystals.they leave those nice miniature clouds behind in the wake of the plane.

Q.How do CFC's get to the poles ?

Ans.CFC's are actually every where in the atmosphere and not just over the poles.But over the poles where the CFC's are coldest,you get ice particles.which allow the ozone depleting reactions to occur.So it's not that the CFC's concentration are different,It's just what happens to them.because Antarctica is completely isolated and surrounded by ocean you get a whirlpool effect in the atmosphere there which has a concentrating effect.The depleted ozone therefore stays put rather than mixing in with the rest of the atmosphere.

Q.Is the center of the earth entirely of molten material or is there some gas ?

Ans.There is no gas inside the center of the earth because the pressure is much too high.It only comes out as gas when It finally gets to the surface.The magma that comes out of a volcano is only sourced several kilometers beneath the surface.It means Its just beneath the skin effectively.
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