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Living within one`s means
From the Newspaper(DAWN)
23 January.

APROPOS of the article “I am corrupt, honestly!` (Jan 20) by Syed Saadat, I was stunned to read how the writer called civil servants corrupt. He makes a strange observation, that the civil servant has two choices: “either do not get married or don`t be honest”.

There is a third choice: to live with what you have. Unfortunately we have given up the virtue of `living within our means`. I was born to an army officer and remember travelling on a motorcycle with my parents.

Have we ever seen an AC or DC riding a motorcycle? My mother worked in a bank to supplement the family income. My father once told me that a DC was reported to have enrolled his wife and sister as lady heath workers only to draw their incomes.

I remember some civil servants` wives at the NDC told us that their children were studying abroad and that they also visited them during vacations. How did they manage that?

There will always be a You-like hole in my life.
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