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OK guys, here goes the story of my debacle of the decade.

I don't remember all the questions, nor are most of my questions of any help to you guys, since they trampled me in the field of my hobbies, which are out of the scope of most of the others.

1. Asked if i was a Baloch, my hometown, what my father did and what is he doing now. Also checked if my permanent address matched my domicile.

2. Your hobby is date farming, tell us what is special about Ajwa dates?

3. How do you feel about the governments plans of privatizing industry?

4. Tell us about Sino-Indian, Sino-Pak and Sino-US trade.

5. You say you speak (and only speak) 7 languages, take this verse (or whatever) and render a translation. (He misread, thinking i also spoke Persian).

6. Okay, give us some poem of some famous Punjabi poet. (I speak, never read all those languages, and was thus utterly blank)

7. Being a student of Geography, what are aborigines?

8. What about Maoris?

9. Why is International relations needed?

10. What is the thrust of Pak's foreign policy?

11. How do you percieve the role of journalists in this North African period of crisis?

12. Don't you think they're doing injustice if not reporting a silent majority sitting in their homes?

13.What is embedded journalism? When did it start?

14. What is country snow line?

15. How do you feel about Local Bodies?

16. Where is Khojak Pass?

17. How about Lowari Pass?

18. Having done photography, what is the ASA and DIN of a reel?

19. Where have you travelled after all?

20. What is chamalang and what is its significance?

21. Name a good travellogue? (Again i don't read, i just go out)

22. From US History, asked some ''Battle of light ..'' something.

23. Where in Pakistan is Marble extracted?

24. What is the difference between marble of Nowshera and that of Chaghai?

25.What do you know about Kosovo?

26. WHo was Slobodan Milosevic and where is he now?

27. How do you perceive the Indian Court decision on Babri Mosque?

28. Have the muslims appealed to the Indian Supreme Court?

29. What is Shuttle Diplomacy and Quiet Diplomacy?

30. Difference between High Commission and Embassy?

31. Pakistans top trade partners, in export and import.

Sorry guys if i miss out on anything. They practically thrashed me bare in the field of my hobbies, though certainly in dimensions that were totally new to me. In subjects, touched each and every one, practically making me tour from Australia to Kosovo. My answers were generally short one or two liners, and they did not pursue me on any except for the role of journalists in Middle East.

----And thanks to everybody who had wished me best. Hope you get the best too.
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