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Originally Posted by sajidnuml View Post

It is thus evident that the very foundations upon which the decision rested did not exist. I, therefore, think that this Court should make it clear that the validity or otherwise of an existing order can only be determined with reference to the laws of Pakistan and not to any theory of international jurisprudence. It is also necessary to state firmly that the question of existence of a revolution or its success are questions of fact which can only be decided upon evidence, and not assumed. This will remove once for all the temptations that have been placed in the way of an adventurer seizing power illegally and destroying an existing legal order.

The judges were so wrong on this point. Musharraf ruled us for full 9 years despite of this verdict. This reminds me of Learned Hand : " Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women.When it dies there, no court, no law , no constitution can save it."

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