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Old Wednesday, October 11, 2006
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Assalamoalaikm Mr. Awan.

Please do not lose heart. Your score shows that you are a fighter and an able candidate and have what it takes to be a CSP. Insha Allah everything will turn out for the best.

Now, I would like to post my mark sheet and ask fellow members for advice on how to bring my marks into the 60s.

English I: 56

English II: 41

GK I - Everyday Science: 46
GK II - Current Affairs: 40 } 135
GK III - Pakistan Affairs: 49

Islamiat: 55

History of Pakistan & India I: 59
History of Pakistan & India II: 52 } 111

Constitutional Law: 40

Geography I: 43
Geography II: 44 } 87

Agriculture: 46

Aggregate: 571 (Fail)

Please, can anyone advise me on how to bring up my score for the next attempt? Should I practice at writing answers? What should I do???

Thank you.
Allah Hafiz!
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