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Hi everyone..

I remember only a few of the questions that were asked, still it might be useful.

1) You have spent half your life abroad, do you think you would be able to understand the problems of the people here?

2) Don't you think that you would be better off in your own profession?

3) Why do you think Karl Marx was a unique visionary?

4) How can his theories help improve the current situation in the country?

5) Are you pro-socialism?

6) Do you think we would be able to meet our targets regarding MDGs?

7) If your are posted in a rural area, do you think you would be able to work there in harsh conditions?

8) What are the privileges associated with diplomatic immunity?

9) I was also asked about the flood rehabilitation activities and their was at least a five minute long discussion.

10) A few questions about the political uprising in the middle east

11) Water crisis in the world and issues of water management in Pakistan

12) Alternative energy resources and their effectives

13) Treaty of Versailles

14) Recodec case

15) Why is Lord of the rings your favourite book as it's an unusual choice

The whole interview was geared more towards international relations and current affairs and at times i felt it was more of a of discussion than an actual interview but well there were a few nods and occasional exclamation of 'good' during my interview so i might not have done that badly ( keeping my fingers crossed though). I don't remember dropping any question though I couldn't remember all the MDGs in the beginning but thankfully I took some time and it came back. They were all friendly and quite nice and the interview lasted around 35-40 minutes.
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