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Default CSS 2011 - Your Experience and tips?

here goes my saddest tale friends I am just back. After reaching at center I Wished I could sleep I did not want to spend this long day here attempting two giants of CSS Exams. My courage was completely put to test by the nature and I have no fault of my own I wanted to sleep last night spending many hours on the bed.

Anyway I was given the Question paper I slected a topic that I knew much about that was: What are the hurdles in our way to becoming a truly independent state? I started by Dividing the question into two parts: External and Internal factors both major contributing factors undermining state independence.

Under External I took stand by explaining Pakistan's Allience with the US in countering the threat of Soviet Communism resulting in the outbreak of COLD WAR thereby becoming a leading country employing religious ideology to fight a proxy war the alliance was a necessity amidst India Hegemony and bad economic conditions besides weak military power . now the effects of this were given under the Internal factors as weak political structures and all other other social political and economic crises.

Now I wrote about 2700 words but I had to face many problems due lack of rest. There was complete disharmony b/w the mind and the hand this resulted in weak use of vocabulary some times wrong sentence structure, However I was successful to much extent justifying the points I raised in the essay.

My essay was built on the assumption of western alliance that Pakistan formed tracing its history to Truman Doctrine of containment leading to actual traditional war involving Pakistan's religious organizations. now when the US found Frankenstein killing its own master the US was quick to declare the MUJAHIDS OF YESTREDAYS THE TERRORISTS OF TODAY. pakistan followed US annoying the militants who have turned against Pakistan carrying out deadly attacks.

the Internal factors followed closely the developments in the external factors which directly affected Pakistan internal giving rise to religious ethnic and provincial conflict besides establishing authoritarian regimes neglecting democratic norms and subordinating rule of law. results corruption weak center poverty, unequal wealth gap giving rise to unregulated capitalism and widespread exploitation, similarly education and public development sector neglected leaving citizenry discontented, who turned against center demanding independence for thier provinces Baluchistan is one and east Pakistan already left.

In introduction I pointed that nation states pursue their national interests where as Pakistan promoted and furthered the Interests of imperial powers thereby becoming a proxy state subservient to Imperial powers, this was followed by the above materiel.

this is my tale not satisfied, had i took rest I could have attempted it in a more better way bus Ab jo Naseeb me hga wo mil jaye ga but I am expecting 42 marks on the claim that in the 2010 my essay was bad one and did not write outline as well.
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