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Default Visibility of Change, Prospects for Massive Uprising

Presidential address to the joint session of National Assembly is counted as another marvelous achievement of PPP’s Govt in fulfilling the constitutional requirements. Despite of focusing on the main textual body of the composed speech and its relevance (better to term it irrelevance) to crucial issues of times, PPP’s leadership is still busy in celebrating the achievement of this target and expressing profound regards for the democratic norms followed by their President-cum-Party chairman.
I always found myself amazed at their fake claims of delivering the best of performance loaded with over exaggerated and at times completely fake figures quoting from anonymous and mysterious records. The way this government is busy at self praise and attributing itself with the excellence shows either these people lives in a fool’s paradise or have deliberately turn their eyes blind of factual realities.
This alarming situation of government failures on one hand and its determination to continue with its TERRIFIC PERFORMANCE on the other put a question mark on the concept of evolution of democracy by means of political accountability itself, and made all the lovers of democracy (including me) to think upon the need of accelerating the pace of evolution by a revolution or revolt sort of change.
Internal and External Challenges are too severe to let this elected government continue playing and experimenting with the blunders one after another. Further delay to wait and watch for the fruits of democracy through evolution would most probably a fatal option leading into total chaos and anarchy.
We are no more in a position to allocate more time to the flawed and manipulated version of democracy (as exercised in Pakistan) where the Government of the Ruling elite (with its roots originating from aristocratic, feudal and bureaucratic class), electing by the pre planned efforts of the same aristocratic/bureaucratic /feudal class is running the affairs of the state in Governance-cum-Ruling style to serve the best interests of the Aristocracy/Bureaucracy/Feudal and their respective foreign masters. This process need to be disrupted in the midway before more damage might incur to the state (God Forbid)
Nation must not deceived by the slogans of change chanted by the Government, All the people holding the power centered positions are the strong beneficiaries of status quo.
How could we expect of the people to change the system (or even let it happen) who themselves are the ultimate beneficiaries of it???
The nation must not be remain focused on the merits of National Reconciliation; a relatively new tactic deployed by this government. It’s a series of pre planned negotiations with the like minded political parties of the country and finally reaching to a point of common agreement after bargaining upon the individual interests of each party. Conclusion could rightfully be made in the light of resultant outcome of this repeatedly played exercise that this reconciliation approach is no more than a deceptive technique to bluff the nation in the name of national consensus and broader national interest. People must open their eyes and evaluate the post reconciliation scenario rather than believing into the fake claims of government.
One another fact that provide a logical evidence to our current rulers’ insincerity towards Pakistan is that most of them have invested a greater part of their capital in foreign countries, constructed residential palaces over there, have settled their families out of Pakistan and are eager to leave the Pakistan the moment their government comes to an end; in the name of exile or self exile…
Why would such people bother to stand for the broader national interests of a state that doesn’t consider it worth investment and living??? Isn’t the fact ironic that future of Pakistan and Pakistani Nation has been decided by dual nationality holders???
The nation has to up rise against all such elements whose stake in Pakistan is limited to the few years of their government and money making in their regimes to afford and support the rest of their luxurious living expenses in the foreign countries. Such people, (whether belonging to PPP or PML) don’t deserve to decide the destiny of a state with more than 170 million of its actual stakeholders
Actual Stakeholders of Pakistan are not handful of imported ruling elite who claims to be the custodians of Democracy, and the so called elected representatives of our country. Real Stake holders are the general public and working middle/ lower class. The ones who have to live in this part of the world till the last breath of their lives and the ones whose everyday affairs like education, employment, happiness, grieves; success and failures are associated with the rise and fall of this country. This powerless majority (as one of my fellows has title in face book note) need to be educated of the very fact that in their silence and passivity lies the strength of powerful minority (ruling elite).
Now, Responsibility shoulders upon this powerless majority to seize their power back from the in efficient, corrupt and traitor government by means of a massive street agitation for their rights…
In a battle between street and state(referring to the existing government setup holding the pillars of state under their firm control), later may suppress voice of former by coercive tactics in short run but at the end, victory comes in the part of former provided if they remain committed to a indigenous cause, and we Pakistani nation has a very convincing cause for this revolt and that is to safe guard ourselves and our country from the combined conspiracies of International Players by getting rid of their paid puppets present in top most positions of our ranks…
This powerless majority need to come at front and review, redefine, reform and restructure all those public policies and institutional mechanism modifying them to suit the best interests of the state and nation…
Change is clear, accessible and visible. What we need the most to approach is devotedly dedication to the cause of change…..
N Khan
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