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Default CSS Interviews 2005

Faisal Abro is a good friend of mine. He appeared thrice in Competitive Exams and got 630, 661 and 726 in written examination. In his second attempt (2002) he was allocated to Income Tax but his aim was to join Foreign Services so he gave his third attempt and in 2004ís attempt he got first position in Sindh. Due to his commitment and determination he achieved his goal and nowadays he is doing his Specialized Training in Foreign Services Academy Islamabad. People like Faisal are a source of inspiration for all those who are thinking to be CSPs in coming years. After qualifying his second attempt he was interviewed in 2003 and panel asked him following questions:

1. Introduce yourself. What is your father and sisters job?
2. What are your hobbies? What newspapers do you read? Which columnist you like?
3. Tell us about your book on Telemedicine.
4. What are major health problems of Pakistan?
5. Some people say that animals must not be sacrificed on Eid al Azha? What is your opinion about it?
6. How do we know that earth is magnet?
7. Where is Barents Sea? What happened there?
8. What is nuclear sub marine?
9. Why Saudi Arabia is called by this name. Has Allah given them the right to rule this land?
10. How is the behavior of Saudis with Pakistanis?
11. Do Saudis feel that they are Arab and superior but Prophet said that there is no difference between Arabic and Ajami?
12. How can Pakistan improve relations with Arab world?
13. Why is Saudi Arabia serious about Palestine Issue?
14. What were the causes of break up of Khilafat Usmania?
15. What was the role of Arabs in breaking of Khilafat Usmania.
16. What are your views that Muslim countries should remain separate countries or they should be like one Ummah?
17. Tell us about some Islamic writers of 20th century.
18. What books you have read on Sirat Nabi.
19. What is the meaning of Quran, Tajweed, Terteel?
20. What is the meaning of Muhammad?
21. What are Bait Leham and Bait Al Ateeq?
22. How you learnt Arabic?
23. How knowledge transferred to Europe from Spain.
24. What were the activities at Bait Al Hikma in Baghdad during Khalifa Mamoon Al Rashid?
25. Why Alexandria is called by this name. Why scholars used to live there.
26. Who was Edward Saeed?
27. To which country Khalil Jibran belonged.
28. What are problems of sindh.what are the reasons of law and order situation in Sindh.
29. How can we finish Zamindari sysem in Sindh? Tell us some practical ways.
30. Can we use force for this purpose.
31. Sindhi newspapers write against Pakistan, how can we control them?
32. What are economic problems of Pakistan?
33. How can we improve economy of Pakistan?
34. Our Defence budget is very high. Should we reduce it?
35. Should president have power to dissolve government and parliament?
36. Should prime minister be from parliament or from outside.
37. Has 1973 constitution given rights to provinces?
38. What is your salary in ARY? Will you leave ARY for joining Foreign Services?

One thing I must appreciate about Mr. Faisal is his memory. I donít think it is possible for everyone to remember each and every question asked in interview but he remembered even the exact sequence as well.
I would like to request that you people should pray for my success in the attempt I have just given. Result of written exam is expected to be announced on 20th November 2005. Although my target is Foreign Services but I will be happy to get any ministry this time and I will surely avail my third attempt to join Foreign Services and be a Diplomat.
For the benefit for all aspirants if any one is interested to answer the above written questions related to GK, it will so nice of him/her.
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