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Lightbulb PPSC "Exam for Civil Judges" 2006

PPSC "Exam for Civil Judges" 2006

01 Warren Hastings was the first Governor General of India.

02 "Loyal Mohammadans of India" was written by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in 1858.

03 M.A.O college got the status of Muslim University in 1900

04 Partition of Bengal was annulled in 1916.

05 Hijrat Movement started in August 1920.

06 Lahore Resolution was presented on 22nd March 1940.

07 Lord Mountbatten was the head of BOundary Commission in India.

08 The Muslim League called for the Direct Action Day on 16th September 1946.

09 The State Bank of Pakistan was set up in August 1947.

10 Maulvi Tamiz-ud-din was the speaker of 1st Constitution Assemply of Pakistan.

11 One Unit Scheme was annulled on 5th October, 1955.

12 Islamabad was made the official capital of Pakistan in 1967.

13 There were eleven opposition parties in PNA.

14 Federal Shariat Court was established in 1977.

15 Pakistan became "Republic" on 23rd March 1956.

16 The President under 1962 Constituion was elected directly by the people.

17 There are two rivers systems in Pakistan.

18 Natural gas was discovered at Sui in 1955.

19 Hujjat-ul-Baligha was written by Haji Shariat-Ullah.

20 Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar started Al-Hillal.................

21 One third members of Simon COmmission were Indians.

22 12th SAARC conference was held in Kathmando....................

23 There are two women universities in Punjab.........................

24 Warsak Dam is constructed on River Kabul.

25 Liaqat Ali Khan was the first Prime Minister who visited USSR.

26 Oil and Gas Development COrporation was established in 1961.

27 University Grants Commission was replaced by Higher Education Commission in 2002.

28 The Supreme Court of Pakistan has the "Power of Judicial Review"

Now I m waiting for answers, I have their answers but looking for members participation. So be quick in responding. Time start now.....
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