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Originally Posted by SADIA SHAFIQ View Post
suggest me except than caravan..i have read this in mass com.
sociology me i have read Horton any other.
for 2nd part of social work what will you suggest???

my optional are

social work
mass com.

i skip press laws coz it seemed to me very can toy provide me notes about press laws??
For Mass Comm, you can use Mirza Yousuf, Abid Tehami, Hijazi and Naqqash...But i would recommend first 2 as both of them are really practical and reader-friendly...
For Social Work, If you had read HOrton for Sociology in CSS then Horton is an authority if you have you can use it for some topics but you can use Alex Thew as well yet being more comfortable and straight away for PMS you can use Waqar Aziz Bhutta's Book, its good and aptly written for the PMS CE specially for 2nd part of social work....

Press Laws are written in quite comprehensive way in Mirza Yousuf book yet i will give you notes soon

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