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Total Marks: 100

1. Management yesterday and today
  • Historical background of Management
  • Managing in the New Era
The Internet, Globalization, Knowledge Management and Collaboration across “boundaries”.

2. Planning: Delivering strategic value, the basic planning process, strategic planning, types of plans and decision making.

3. Organizing: Building a dynamic organization, fundamentals of organizing (differentiation & integration), organization structure (vertical & horizontal). Empowerment (Centralization & Decentralization), Coordination by (Standardization by plan & by adjustment). (Human Resource Management; (HRM); Planning, Recruitment, Selection and Training etc).

4. Leading: Mobilizing People, Human Factors and Motivation, Leading and Managing, Leadership and Followership, Power and Leadership.

5. Controlling: Learning and Changing, Basic Control Process, Control Techniques and IT, Organizing for Innovation (Technology, Job Design & HR Development, Project Implementation and Unleashing Creativity)

  1. Management: A Global Perspective 11th Ed. Koontz, Harold & Weihrich, Heinz, McGraw-Hill
  2. Management: 8th Ed. Robbins, Stephen P. & Coulter, Mary, Prentice Hall of India.
  3. Management: Competing in the New Era. 5th Ed. , Bateman, Thomas S. & Snell, Scott A. McGraw-Hill Irwin

Total Marks: 100


Marks: 50

1. The Field of Marketing: Marketing Role and what is it all about: Who Performs Marketing Functions, Marketing and Customer Value, Satisfaction and Loyalty, Global Marketing Systems, 4Ps (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).

2. The Marketing Environment and Market Selection: Internal & External Environment, Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, Market Information & Research.

3. Product: Product Planning and Development, Product line and Product mix strategies, Branding, Packaging, Other Product Features and Services Marketing.

4. Price: Price determination (An Ethical Dilemma, Factors Influencing, and Setting Pricing etc.), Pricing Strategies (Price Vs Non Price Competition, Geographic Pricing, Discount & Allowances, Special Pricing Strategies and Situations etc).

5. Place:Middlemen and Distribution Channels, Designing, Selecting and Distribution of Channels, Retailing and Wholesaling.

6. Promotion: Marketing Communications Mix (Personal Selling, Advertising, Sales Promotion and Publicity or Public Relations).


  1. Principles of Marketing 6th Ed. Kotler, Philip & Armstrong Gary, Prentice-Hall, International, Inc.
  2. Essentials of Marketing: A Global-Managerial Approach 8th Ed. McCarthy, E. Jerome & Perreault, William D. Irwin McGraw-Hill.
  3. Basic Marketing: A Global Managerial Approach 14th Ed. McCarthy, E. Jerome & Perreault William D. McGraw-Hill Irwin.
  4. Marketing 13th Ed., Stanton William J., Etzel, Michael J. & Walker, Bruce J., McGraw-Hill Irwin.


Marks: 50

1. Understanding Financial Management: An Overview of Financial management, Securities markets and Financial institutions, Concept of Time Value of Money, Valuation of Securities (Stocks and Bonds), Measuring the Risks and Returns.

2. Understanding and Analyzing Financial Statements: IASB (International Accounting Standard Board) Framework and Fundamental Accounting Concepts,Components of Financial Statements (Preparation and Presentation), Financial Statement Analysis and Interpretation.

3. Short term Financial Management Decision (investing & financing): Budgets and Projected Financial Statements, Managing Net Current Assets, Inventory Management, Accounts Receivable Management, Managing Short Term/Spontaneous Finances.

4. Financing Decisions (Long Term): Capital Structure Decisions, Leverage Decision, Cost of Capital Decision, Dividend Decisions.

5. Investing Decisions (Long Term): Capital Investment Decision, Capital Investment Appraisal Techniques, Risk Management in Capital Investment Appraisal.

6. Corporate Financing: Mergers, Acquisitions, Takeovers and Buyouts, Financial Distress and Restricting, Hedging Decision.

  1. Principles of Managerial Finance, Lawrence J. Gitman, Pearson Education Asia
  2. Intermediate Financial Management, Eugene F. Brigham Gapenski & Daves, The Dryden Press
  3. Fundamentals of financial Management, James C. Van Horne John M.Wachowicz, Jr., Prentice_Hall International, Inc.
  4. Advanced Corporate Finance (Policies and Strategies), Joseph P. Ogden Frank C. Jen Philip F. O’Connor, Farhan Raza Printers, Islamabad
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