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Total Marks: 100

1. Introduction To Social Welfare

a) Definition and Scope
b) Historical Perspective of Social Welfare in Pakistan

2. Pakistani Society

a) Definition and description of the term “Society”
b) Characteristics of Pakistani Society
c) Comparison of Rural and Urban Communities

3. Culture

a) Definition and description of the term “Culture” and its importance
b) Characteristics of Pakistani Culture
c) Influence of allied cultures on Pakistani Culture
d) Social norms-definition and stages (i.e. folkways, more and laws)
e) Socialization-definition and description and factors of socialization (i.e. Family, Neighborhood, Peer group, Religious Institute. Educational Institutions, Mass media and Communication.

4. Social Institutions

a) Definition and description of “Social Institutions”
b) Types of Social Institutions: Primary, Secondary
c) Functions of the following:
  • Family Institution - Religious Institution
  • Political Institution - Economic Institution
  • Educational Institution - Recreational Institution
d) Importance of social institutions.

5. Social Change

a) Definition and area of “Social Change”
b) Process and effects of social change on Society
c) Factors which promote and hinder social change

6. Social Problems of Pakistan

a) Major and explanation of social problems
b) General causes of social problems
c) Major social problems of Pakistan (An orientation)
  • Drug addition - Illiteracy
  • Over population - Beggary
  • Juvenile delinquency - Environment
  • Crime - Violence
  • Child labor
  • Child abuse and neglect
  • Bonded labor
  • Poverty
  • Unemployment

  1. W.A. Friedlander, Introduction to Social Welfare. Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, U.S.A.
  2. A.S. Livingston, Social Work in Pakistan, Lahore, West Pakistan Social welfare Council.
  3. Arthur C. Fink, The field of Social work, new Your, Hold, Rinehart, 6th Ed. 1974.
  4. Skidmore Thackeray, Introduction to Social Work, New Jersey, Prentice-Hall, 1964.
  5. Elizabeth A. Ferguson, Social Work, an Introduction. New York, Lippinco H. 1969.
  6. Ogburn Nimkoff, Hand Book of Sociology, London Rout ledge and Kegan Paim.
  7. Sociology and Social Change, Amanda Coffey, open University Press, Celftic Court 22 Ball moor Buckingham MK 18 IXW.
  8. Paul. B. Horton, The Sociology of Social Problems, New York Prentice Hall.
  9. Prof. Abdul Hameed Taga, 1999, Sociology & Problems, Abdul Hameed & Sons, Publisher, Lahore.
  10. M. Khalid, Social Work methods and Practical, Kifayat Academy Karachi, 1995.

Paper – II

Total Marks: 100

1. Nature and Philosophy of Social Work
  • Definition and philosophical base of social work
  • Objectives of social work practice
  • Basic principles of social work
  • Professional and voluntary social work

2. Islam and Social Work
  • Islamic concept of social welfare and professional social work.
  • Worth and dignity of individual.
  • Rights and responsibilities of individuals in Islamic Society.
  • Social relationship in Islam i.e. Family, Neighborhood, Mosque.

3. Methods of Social Work


i. Social Casework
  • Definition and description of social case work
  • Elements/Components of social case work (person, problem, place, professional person and process)
  • Principles of social case work
  • Phases/steps in social case work
  • Fields of application of social case work practice
  • Role of Professional worker in case work practice
ii. Social Group work
  • Definition and description of social group
  • Types of social groups (primary and secondary, formal and informal groups)
  • Stages of group development
  • Definition of social group work and its philosophy
  • Objectives of social group work
  • Components of social group work (group, agency, and group worker)
  • Principles of social group work
  • Fields of application of group work practice
  • Role of professional worker in-group work practice
iii. Community Development
  • Definition and description of community
  • Definition of community organization and development
  • Objectives of Community Development
  • Phases/steps in community development (study of monitoring and evaluation)
  • Principles of community development
  • Role of professional worker in community


i) Social Research
  • Definition and description of social research
  • Phases/steps in social research
  • Tools of data collection (questionnaire, interviewing schedule, Interview guide and observation)
ii) Social Action, Policy and Administration
  • Definition and description of social welfare administration
  • Importance of social welfare administration in social work
iii) Social Action
  • Definition and description of social action
  • Importance of social action in social welfare
4. Fields/Area of Social Work
  • School social work
  • Medical social work
  • Community development
  • Child welfare
  • Youth welfare
  • Women welfare
  • Welfare of the Physically disabled
  • Welfare of the mental retarded
  • Welfare of the socially dis-advantaged
  • Welfare of the Juvenile Delinquents and Adult Criminals
5. Role of Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies in Socio-Economic Development
  • Definition and description of social welfare agency
  • Types of social welfare agencies (government, semi-government, voluntary/NGOs)
  • Role of the voluntary social welfare agencies, socio-economic development

  1. Friendlander M. Der. Concepts and Methods of social work, Prentice-Hall, N.W. Jersey.
  2. Hamilton, Gordon, Principles of Case, Recording, New York Columbian University Press.
  3. Perelman, Halen, Social Case Work, A Problem solving process, Chicago TheUniversity of the Chicago Press.
  4. Richmond, Mary, E. Social Diagnosis, New York, Russell Foundation
  5. Douglas Tom, Group Work Practice, Cambridge, Tailstock publication, 1976
  6. Arthur Dunham, 1958, Community Welfare Organization Principles & Techniques Practices. Thomas Y. Crowell Company, New York, p-14
  7. Arthur Dunham, 160. Community Development, p.p. 178-186 in social Work Year Book, Edited by Russell H. Kurtz, New York, national Association of Social Workers.
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