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Originally Posted by javediqbalmalik790 View Post
I need exclusively scientific reply for two questions
1. why lunar eclipse lasts longer than solar??
2.why climbers get their food by climbing on trees?what are climbers actually??
3.concept of equilibrium in description of why a person bends while climbing on trees?
plz reply immediately
ans 1: it is because the size of the size of moon smaller than the sun...
ans2: i am still confused
ans3: (i think the question is for mountain or slope raher than tree) it is because of the balance of body with the gravity..whn there is slope and u stand straight the gravity will pul u back,and if u bend while climbing it would balance with gravity..when u come down on the slope u keep ur body straight and slow it is also because of gravity,if u bend while coming down there are mre chances to fall...

hopefully this ans would help u a lil..
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