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Chaps, i had my interview today, i don't think it was a disaster but it could have been better, i am really disappointed in my self, all the panel was good to me, i have only myself to blame for missing a few questions
A little less than 30 minutes.
Utterly confident, sometimes when i am nervous, my shoulders fidget and i wave my arms around, none of that today.I am really happy about that.
you have done engineering, why CSS
Bismarck, why is he your favorite personality

Causes of downfall of roman empire

Tell me about Bahrain

Drones to Pakistan

Other unwritten constitutions apart from Britain
there are others?

Sohail Safdar:
You have lost 14 kilos of weight, how did you manage that, were you obese

Saudi Arabia foreign policy

Micheangelo your favorite artist

Napoleanic wars
Unsure about them.

IG Baluchistan:
Madrassa Reforms and Rental power

Baluchistan RekoDig

Turkey and Libya

Please rate my interview!!
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