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Default Veterinary Science

Its rather cheekier sort of subject which is although easy and can be opted by non professional too. The dilemma often lies with the selection of books and the substance which is to be externalized during examination. If you see the vet paper in 2009 the questions were awfully general and those friends of mine who are vets can handle the job quite easily. But the course contents are not that general that appear to be.
Paper one is the biochemistry which almost similar in humans
fortunately examiners are not lured by Anatomy. which is of course a hard net to crack. neither they are interested in Pharmacology or microbiology hence the key headaches are wafted away. The examiners are interested in Medicine and zoonotic diseases which have some implication on human beings.
Any vet will second me that he learns around 100 Common diseases and the examiners are interested only in most common diseases like coccidiosis thelieria babesia which are though peculiar to field. The science of reproduction is one important issue that they usually touch which is measured on therapeutic interpretations rest is the knowledge for example which you specifically cover in livestock management course. Like something which was telecast ed on ETV Ex PTV2 on management of poultry farms, fish farms. Not a big science of Course

All question focus on management which require common sense rather than a professional approach. Examiner does not want an oracular approach. Simple answers which he can check

and paper two is all about poultry management and feed requirements in small and large animals, Nothing else which requires a sleight which you can not acquire.

My point of analyzing this subject was that it is an easy subject provided you do with little interest. Medicine theriogenology and Biochemistry are key issues. Rest is management which is common sense rather then specific sense. I speculate agriculturists, botanists, zoologists doctors dentists or event those students who have done B.Sc with Biology can clear it easily.

Its a science subject having potential. People should opt it. I have given that picture which is realistic but without commitment no one can pass anything with flying colors.

Hope people proselytize as people afraid of taking knowingly fruitful subjects which they can cater. Anybody wanting guidance can ask me I ll be glad to help.

My friend who is in french told me a message which is in french but claims it will move many here it goes

"longue vie ŕ la profession vétérinaire et de ses piliers et des suiveurs. Et ceux qui adorent les animaux.
merci pour ceux qui comprennent que nous faisons de l'excellent travail"

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