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Originally Posted by Viqar
Dear Ms. Naqvi,

I worte a message to you. Don't know you received it or not. Kindly reply me.
Sorry Viqar I havent received your message to my inbox... I have read your post in bigner's section also. Welcome you on board and Inshallah you will find the help you r looking for.

[QUOTE}Here's the list of subjects i chose:
1. Public Administration, 100
2. Sociology, 100
3. Journalism, 100
4. International Relations, 100
  • Psychology including Experimental Psychology
, 200[/QUOTE]

Very good selection no doubt, but if you will share your background knowledge, I mean your subjects in BA and Masters it will help me alot to add suggestions for you. You are sharing 400 marks with me, I changed Public Ad and IR at the end when form was going for submission, caz find IR bit difficult but no doubt I had no support like CSS FORUM before my first attempt. I first time visited the forum on 22nd June and registerd myself at first visit. I can help you for all these subjects. U can check my profile you will get about my scores of optionals in my first attempt CSS 2006.

My questions:
Are you also going to appear in March 2006 CSS exams.
What are your chosen subject.
As the time is very limited and its my first experience to appear in the exams and i have to get on going and start preparing.
  1. No I m not going for CSS 2007, may go for 2008 but no surity for 2007
  2. MY subjects are:
    • History of Indo Pak
    • Psychology including Experimental Psychology
    • Sociology
    • Journalism

Dont worry u have enough time to prepare the only thing is your will power. If you will make real and dedicated efforts you wil win success. Inshahallah.

Is this possibile to talk to you on phone, if you give me your number (you can send me your number in private message). As you are a senior member, i think you can guide me well.
Sorry I never pass my number to anyone even not in IM's u can ask for any type of help on the forum and you will find me really helpful but sorry I cant share my number with you.

Pls do reply.. hope to hear from you soon...
Here's the reply and I have tried to answer each and ever line of your message. if something left you can ask it again.

Best Wishes and Regards.......
"When Allah leads you to the edge of the cliff, Trust Him Fully, only 1 of 2 things will happen either He will catch you when you fall or He will teach you how to fly"
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