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Hamza Salick is a name known to allHamza Salick is a name known to allHamza Salick is a name known to allHamza Salick is a name known to allHamza Salick is a name known to allHamza Salick is a name known to all

I shall not be able to post the full answer.but InshAllah I will post the outline of one of my answers.And you don't have to adhere to all the views.Pick the view You think is right and build on it.You can also keep a balanced approach about those views.
As far as my case was concerned,I already had views about a lot many things that had been carefully made over the years.Sirf CSS k liye nahy bnaye gaye thayI just built on them and got good justifications and arguments plus facts to prove them.Make a view carefully and then stick to it.Do not change it unless u are very sure that it was awry.And keep your mind and views very clear and simple.Do not get confused.People will try and confuse you with their views but you should remain straightforward in ur views and should stick to ur guns.
In the future,look for this advise on my thread named 'TRICKS OF THE TRADE' in the 'Tips and Suggestions section'..I normally post my observations and advise there.You would find a lot more in addition to current affairs there.Might come in handy.
I shall either find a way,or make one
'Wa tu izzu man-ta shaa, wa tu zillu man-ta shaa'
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