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Old Tuesday, May 31, 2011
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Originally Posted by Iyya873 View Post
@Mr.Hamza Salick
bro congratx

n aim relieved now n hav decided i shud give a try

plx if u can also guide me

lik tell me whether aim going ryt way
i hav started with physicx n dawn as i hav enuff tim as possibly i m nt elligibl for 2012 n ll b appearing in 2013 Inshallah
secondly i ll start preparing statx n accounting after i m over with physicx n meanwhile i ll join a lib n read books on history n political afairx.......
oughly it ll tak me 4 monthx to complete ma these 3 optional subjectx

do u think itx ryt to go through optionalx syllabi first?
I shall reply to your questions in my thread 'Tricks of the Trade' in the tips and suggestions section of the forum.Because it would help other aspirants too.For any further queries,please post to that thread.Also,it gets a a little cumbersome for me to try and sift through every thread.Hope you understand.
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