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Originally Posted by hani.idgaf View Post
Hello Eveyone,

This is Hani Iqbal, I have done my MBA in Marketing with a CGPA of 3.80, Currently i am working at the State Bank of Pakistan as a grade-17 officer and i am also a CSS aspirant as it has been a long time ambition to become a CSP and join the Foreign Services Group.
Originally Posted by hani.idgaf View Post
However, it is pertinent to mention that I belong to Karachi, where you rarely find people going for Government jobs, hence, i am finding it very difficult to get proper guidance on how to prepare, from where to prepare and how to attempt the paper. HANI
I don't know much about urdu speaking people but most of the sindhis, reside at karachi,willing to go for government jobs rather than private.
As far your query of attempting the paper is concerned, there are various methods.
For Instance, In some papers you will have to mention headings,sub headings while in essay writing except outline you need not to mention any heading in the body of the essay.

Originally Posted by hani.idgaf View Post
I have been going through different threads on this forum but there are quite contrasting opinions which in turn become quite confusing.

I want to use this forum as a medium of proper guidance, and since i haven't got much time left as i am already 26 and have a couple of attempts left, its time to get serious.

There are some queries to which i need answers from people who have actually been able to clear the test(CSPs):

1) Is it possible to prepare for CSS being on job as i have already mentioned?

2) Also, i am not planning to join any academy. is that ok?

3) I think I have good command over english language, also, i have been an editor for my college magazine but i have a really pathetic handwriting although i can write pretty fast, so how do you guys evaluate this?

4) Kindly suggest atleast 2 books each for compulsory subjects which would be good enough for preparation, for some subjects where there are no prescribed books kindly suggest reading material
Essay (dawn newspaper, jahangirs essay book,net etc)
Composition (Exploring the world of English ,micheal swan, paragraphs by sohail bhatti)

Pak Affairs ( Ikram Rabbani and Sohail bhati)

C A ( Contemporary Affairs and English newspapers)

Everyday science( Dr samo and kashmiri)

Islamiat ( Towards Islamiat by s m dogar and Islam at glance by Islahi)

Originally Posted by hani.idgaf View Post

5) I have shortlisted these as my optional subjects:
-Muslim Law & Jurisprudence
-Business Administration
-Indo-Pak History
-International Relations
Are these subjects scoring, also, I have never studied sociology or journalism.

6) Kindly suggest atleast 2 books each for the aforementioned optional subjects.

7) I have a total commerce background and have never studied Physics, Chemistry, etc. So what should be the strategy with Everyday Science and i have also heard that its a very high scoring subject.

I guess that is enough for now, looking forward to a positive response.


Journalism ( Imtiaz shahid mass communication and A to Z journalism)

International Relations ( Hameed akhond and parkash chandar)

Everyday science will be quite easy for you as you have mentioned that you do have background of science.
You can also use your previous science buks or notes in order to acquire gud command over this subject.

Best of luck
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