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Originally Posted by hani.idgaf View Post
It has been 3-4 days since i posted the above thread, but I wonder if the queries put forward by me were so difficult or redundant that nobody has bothered to reply.
I thought this forum provides assistance or is there a special criteria on which replies are given???

U should prepare top ten Essays. Recent package of Sir zahoor + other important essays relating to current affairs. Prepare another 5 essays. So ur total essay will b 15. Also study guideline of Sir HOW TO ATTEMPT ESSAY IN EXAMINATION HALL.
Inshallah u will qualify essay paper.

Method of choosing Esay Topic;

1. Study paper for 10 mints.
2. Select easy topic.
3. Make outline in 2o mints at the end of paper sheet.
4. Choose topic from current issues.
5. Add statics where u can add.
6. Becarefull in writing introduction and conclusion, Give 15 mints each, Write other essay body in remaining time.


Solve precies of Previous years rom 1971. Also study comprehension of previous papers. Cram pairs and ideoms of previous papers. Study narration and voices MAID EASY by Prof. Afzal Mufti. Also Study Pairsd, Ideoms And Correction of F.A and B.A level. For Expansion of Idea, U study Sun Dry Reflections by Prof Manzoor Mirza. Cram All Short essays, u can leave sum topics like literary tpes.
By doing this Inshallah u will Pass composition paper.

Method of Attempting;

1. First attempt grammar portion. Which can not attempt leave place for that and attempt it in the end. In vocabulary first u mark with lead pencil on computr sheet and then check it, then fill the box with marker. While filling the box u check ur breathe so u fill box accurately. Time for vocabulary will b 10 mints. U should solve Other grammar portion in 20 mints.
2. Then attempt expansion of idea. Time u spend for it should b 30 mints.
3. Then solve comprehension. Time for it u spend 45 mints
4. Then solve precies in 5o mints

In remaining time u will study paper and correct ur mistakes.

Pakistan Affairs;

Study previous papers of pakistan affairs from CSS Guide by Doger Unique. Make alist of questions. Almost there will b 20 to 30 questions which will cover Indo-pak 11 and Pak Affairs. U dont worry about, as its score remained around 50. So u more concentrate on EDS and Islamiat in options, Score in other compulsory subjects will depend on ur luck.

Study Top 20 Questions by Afshan Manzoor CSP.

Also study objective book of any publisher.

Method of attempt;

1. Study paper in 10 mints and choose questions u want to attempt. Decide the arrangement of four questions which u will attempt. Also write time on question paper on respective question. Dont give time of one question to other.
2. Try to choose easy and clear questions.
3. Make graphics.
4. Attempt current affairs question in priority.
5. Do practice in writting on white paper. Give proper space in between lines and in between words so it will easy in study.
6. Give 5 mints for study whole paper and correct ur mistakes.
7. Make short outline of question at the end of sheet and then elaborate it.

Current Affairs;

Ur marks r good in this paper. So u dont worry about it. Only study Dawn. Also study Previous papers from 1971 to pick an idwea how to attempt question from CSS Guide by Doger Unique.

Method of Attempt is same as in Pak Affairs.

Study objective book of Imtiaz Shahid on current affairs. Cram lanuages, currency,capitals of counteries which is given at the end of a DIARY.


Dr Sohail Bhatti book is good. U also purchase it.
U study those material for it which i mention in my post on forum about Islamiat. I got 74 marks in this paper.

Method of Attempt;

1. Dont choose controversial question.

2. Make a short outline at the end of sheet of question which u want to attempt, then elaborate that key in respective time.

3. Give 10 mints in choosing of questions. Write order of attempting questions on paper and also write time on question paper on related question.

4.Make graphics.

5. In this paper, u will attempt 5 questions., remember this thing as u normally attempt 4 questions in other papers.

6. It is not essential u write more and more ayats of Quran and Sunnah. If u can write it is good. I wrote only one Ahadis and one Qurani Ayat in whole paper and Alhamdulillah good score in this paper.

7. Write clearly, give proper space in between lines and words.

8. Dont write controversial things in answer

9. Dont favour or criticise any sect.

10. Try to attempt current affairs questions.

11. Prepare objective portion.


While attempting objective portion, first u tick box with lead pencil and check them again. Tick the related box on answer sheet according to question paper. At the end u will fill box with marker

Tips about diagrams and statistics
When u see aquestion, u will observr that it is possible to make any diagram, graphics. e.g;

If question is about pak and afghan relations, In this situation, u will make the graphics of pak and afghanistan.

If question is about middle east, form ghraphics of countries of middle east.

If question is about CARS, form graphics of these counties.

Potential of central Asian states? in this q u write statics in this way,

Oil; 20 billon barrel initajikistan
gas ; u can write any aprox. amount

coal; 79 tonns

It is not essential u will write accurate statics. U write only aprox. statics

Take another example i attempted essay on pak war on terror and its impact on our psyche , socio-economic , polictcal front.
in this essay i wrote figures

social front.

poverty increasd by 30%. This 30% is statistics

Crime increased by 20 %
Economic front

35 bn doller fly to abroad as aresult of terrorism

mention aprox. population of country in respective question

1.Make diagram, graphics whereevere it is possible.

2. Write statistics where it is possible

3. Use headings and sub- headings

4. Use pen instead of ballpoint in paper.

5.Writing of headings and sub-headings should b different from main stuff.

6. Give some space between Heading and start of paragraph.

7. u should cram objectives of all papers. Take objective question very seriously. Only objective question will raise ur score from 40 to 50 marks. It is essential to gain at least 16 marks out of 20 marks.

In EDS, u should score 40 out of 50 marks in objective question.

8. Now u follow this technique:

9. U should give proper time to each question in paper. Divide the time according to each question. Let say there r 4 subjective questions and one objective.

U divide the time in this way;

Total time 180 mints

Time to select questions which u solve 10 mints

Time to revise paper at the end 5 mints

Time for objective 30 mints

Time for each subjective question 33 mints

So time for one subjective question is 33 mints. U futher divide this time in this way, 28 + 5

U make a short outline just like essay paper at the end of answer sheet for each question. 5 mints time u will give to make this short outline. By doing this ur hand and nerves will take a short rest during making short outline.

U have only 28 mints to write. During this time u can only write planned material.

Write relevant material. B careful in this regard. IF u took 17 marks in one question, 10 in 2nd, 8 in 3rd and 6 marks in 4th question. In final u got 41 marks. It is not a good approach.

U follow this technique,

U took 15 marks in first one, 13 in 2nd, 11 in 3rd and 10 in 4th one, u got 49 marks. So dont give time of one question to other.
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