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Originally Posted by WASEEM MALIK View Post
hi brother i opted for islamic history in 2010 but it proved fatal fr me and i could only get 80 in it.By seeing paper of 2011it seems this time exminer was kind and paper was piece of cake as compared to 2010 so wht do u suggest shd i opt it again in 2012 or to quit it..plz
The way CSS has becoming a mysterious and unpredictable examination, nothing can be said with utmost truth. There can only be wild guesses, estimations, speculations, anticipations, hopes, fears and of course the good lucks. I substituted this subject at the eleventh hour with Arabic. I studied it for good three months and prepared study plan as you can see above and the notes as well. Upon seeing the final result of the hapless 2010 candidates, I decided once for all to replace it. I cannot say whether my decision was right or was at least a calculated decision. What I have heard is that FPSC usually sets a trend (though it's not in their constitution but paper checkers show their innovation) and follows it barely for 2-3 three years. In 2012 it would be third consecutive year for Islamic History if God forbid it proved fatal for 2011 candidates too. In that case, it would be least likely that it succeeds in recording a hat-trick at beating the crap out of candidates. The logic behind all this mania is that the average tenure of a Paper setter/checker appointed by FPSC is 2-3 years. In such a scenario, I would recommend opting the Islamic History for CE2012.

P.S This is again my speculation and is no way a final wording on the topic. Any aberrations are likely and may contradict with the above said statement.
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