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Originally Posted by hani.idgaf View Post
@ Mr. Ijaz Gill: Sirjee thanx alot for giving so much of guidance and devoting so much of your precious time and knowledge. Kindly forgive me for being too inquisitive but can't help but wonder what do you mean by Graphics and diagrams and things like that, as in, what can be graphical with Islamiat or for that matter anyother subject? Please guide me with this.

Thank you loads and loads.


If question is asked about relations between PAK and INDIA u will wil form maps of pak and India..

If question asked about infiltration of terrorists from Afghanistan and india helps those elements in Balochistan.

U can show cities of afghanistan along border in the map, also mention indian map in answer.

Let say a question was asked in Current Affairs in 2009;

Economic Potential of Central Asian States.

In this question after introduction, u should make map of CARs.

Then start to write ur stuff.

If question asked about ASEAN and SAARC, make maps of respective region.


It means like in EDS if digestive system of man asked, make its diagram at the start of answer after introduction.

If Global Warming or Green House Effect is asked, also make its diagram,
show sky, rays of sun falling on earth, then reflecting rays from earth.

In botany, zoology papers and like that in other papers, always make diagrams.

Graphics in Islamiat:

in Islamiat, paper is mostly about current affairs,
if question is asked about terrorism in kashmir, Palistine, make graphics of Kashmir and palistine.

if question is relating to Middle East, make the respective graphics.

Always those people win the game who have the habit of inquisitive.

Ur further quaries r welcum.

Best of Luck
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