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Default how to write an esaay

Preparing yourself

Students who think essay writing is an easy task and they think they can write a good essay in a first attempt while sitting in the examination hall without prior practice are at mistake; a mistake which usually costs them their carrier. The whole book endeavors at explaining and preparing the students for the crucial day of examination by explaining the whole process step by step. Later the essays based on the suggestions and tips given in part A will help the students to understand the process of essay writing

Step one is to train yourself. Practice makes a man perfect. So an intensive pre-exam approach would most certainly help the student gain good marks.

Though, the examples in the essay refer pre dominantly to English literature. Yet the basic idea remains the same, which is to train the students for a good performance. Same techniques used for the essays concerning English literature are to be used for the other essays, no matter student picks an essay from political science, current affairs, economics, or from some other area.

Remember; English essay is not a task to write about Factual calculations, itís not a paper about jotting down mathematical data, neither does it revolve around Islamic studies. Apparently, the topic may seem to be one asking about economic conditions of Pakistan, pollution, Globalization, Terrorism and Islam, yet student has to bear in mind that its a paper that would be assessing studentís critical approach towards a topic, multiple techniques, and most importantly knowledge about the language of the paper , i.e., English would be the examinerís actual concern.
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